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    Default Re: Catch And Release Or Catch And...?

    I usually C&R, but once in a while I'll keep some decent sized ones for dinner that night. Can't beat fresh fish.
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    Default Re: Catch And Release Or Catch And...?

    For years I kept all the trout I caught, now the family doesn't want it anymore. So the trout go back, but I keep the whitefish for the smoker. I'd rather eat crappie, bluegill or bass. Been ages since I've had bluefish-YUM!
    So far the salmon and steelhead have been pretty safe from me. HA!

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    Default Re: Catch And Release Or Catch And...?

    Quote Originally Posted by oregonsteel View Post
    Hatchery steelhead have MAJOR low level problems (genetics, things that don't affect fight or taste and are hard to see) but a nice chrome hatchery steelhead sure is darned tasty. So is a chrome hatchery salmon. High level hatchery salmon and steelhead are quite nice. High level meaning things you can easily observe.
    I agree,

    I used to take a few Lake Erie Steelhead every spring and they were good. The King Salmon tasted like the muck on the bottom of the river so they went back. I thought the steelhead tasted like the farm raised salmon that was sold in our grocery stores back there. It was good but the PF&B had an advisory on consumption of Great Lakes fish so you didn't take too many.

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    Default Re: Catch And Release Or Catch And...?

    I've been pondering this question for a few days--- can of worms.....

    As for me-- both-- Part of me thinks that catch and release is fairly brutish, I understand the sustainability and preservation aspect of C&R-- but if we truly were concerned about conservation/ preservation, I'd think we'd just stay off the water all together. Also the question of invasive species comes to mind.

    This all being said, I am mostly (almost entirely) catch and release. I suppose I must enjoy inflicting pain and fear on other creatures.... (tongue in cheek comment...)

    As for keeping some-- I feel that it connects me (us) to the sport-- and ethically-- I am going to eat fish (this is a truth) -- when I catch and kill it myself I am sure that the process was done humanely.... not so with store bought/ restaurant bought fish.

    As a side note-- went out with a friend on his boat this past weekend-- he's a tourney bass guy who professes his C&R'dom as bond..... -- 8 to 10 inch plastics and hooks suitable for a pirate hand.... The experience furthermore affirmed my own approach of genteelness towards the fish..... And, yes, he did leave three of 'em flopping around in the water trying to resuscitate... I was a bit horrified, and even commented a few times to him that that is why I send (barbless if possible-- not always-- I'm no saint... LOL) flies and streamers with a sensitive rod, and not plastics on a pole that has sensitivity of a tree stump spooled with 30Lb test. We're still pals-- just different takes.

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    Our rivers have a bewildering set of regulations for designated catch and release areas, barbless hooks, size and slot limits, moon phases and so on. The rivers are stocked but we attract so many fishermen they would be depleted without the stocking.
    When enacted the rules came into effect accompanied by much howling and groaning.
    I have mixed feelings about it.
    We will eat fish but it is unlikely we would eat as many as can be caught. OTOH, if I catch a trophy submarine rainbow I would like to keep and mount it. That will never happen. I'll have to settle for a fake made from measurements and a certificate showing I am a good boy for releasing it.
    Our fisheries are in good shape and our tourist industry thrives, so on the whole it is probably a good thing.

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