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    Default fantastic light for night fishing??

    was wondering anyone of u have experience with this 24 LEDs Camping Light ?/ kinda love it. but i am not sure about its quality.what about its quality? is it suitable for fishing at night?? any other options??

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    Default Re: fantastic light for night fishing??

    I don't think that light would be suitable for fishing.
    You want something that will focus on a specific spot, like a headlamp or a flashlight. It does no good to light up the entire area. That will only ruin your night vision and alert the fish to your presence.

    I have two vests and in each one there's a tiny flashlight pinned to a cord in an upper pocket. One is a AAA Mini Mag about an inch and a half long, the other is a single LED light about the size of a quarter. Those lights never leave the vests and are both bright enough to change flies or keep you out of trouble when you stay out longer than expected.

    When I plan on fishing at night, I also take a larger flashlight (a regular minimag) on a cord around my neck. I only use this light for finding my way around.
    I don't own a headlamp myself, I would think that they would get in the way, but many people like them.
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    Default Re: fantastic light for night fishing??

    I agree totally with Rip Tide, you need something small and focused to only turn on when your back is to the water while tying flies, etc. I use this little LED light from Cabelas that clips to the bill of my hat.


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    Default Re: fantastic light for night fishing??

    Larry has the right idea. I don't have the cabella one, but I have 3 of these.

    They clip on and stay where you aim them. The button is on top, one click for two lights, two clicks for 4 lights. They come bright white, red or green lights. I don't get on a boat without them. They rotate 360 degrees and tilt from 45 degrees down to 90 degrees straight up. The brand on the only ones I've seen in the Keys is Quarrow.


  5. Default Re: fantastic light for night fishing??

    I got an Everready Trailfinder for work and found it to be a great head light for camping and fishing. It has a spot, flood, spot/flood combo and red all L.E.D lights. and it was under 15 bucks
    Energizer HDL33AODE Trailfinder LED Trailfinder 6 LED Headlight

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