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  1. Default Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    After many years of struggling with mending, I finally decided to try a double tapered line. What a difference. My mending improved dramatically. Now, I don't see how I'll ever go back to a WF line when fishing for trout.

    And so I'm wondering: Why are so many trout anglers using WF lines? Is there something I'm forgetting about those lines?


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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    Modern fast action graphite rods just match up better with weight forward lines.
    Double taper lines are old fashion just like the rods used to cast them.

    ( I fish mostly DT lines myself. I even prefer them in the surf for distance mending )
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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    Why a weight forward?

    1) Itís what the starter outfit they bought came with.

    2) Itís what the shop set them up with.

    3) Itís what most respondents on-line will tell them they should buy.

    4) itís what manufacturers will tell them would match up best with their rod.

    5) Where distance is a premium and casting skills are at a minimum.

    6) Where long range post cast mending is not as critical.

    7) They often are the only choice offered in sink tips, full sinking, species specific or specialty tapers, etc.

    8) Itís what they are comfortable with and have confidence in.

    9 ) Because it came with loops installed at both ends.

    10 ) Because they are available in so many kewl two tone colors.

    Why I still fish some Double Tapers?
    Iím old, infirmed and not to be taken to seriously.


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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    If you want a 'quest' try to get your hands on a DT line for a 2hander. Odds on, if you're lucky, you'll be accessing same out of the UK or Europe.

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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    It makes me curious though... How well would some more modern tapers translate into DT lines? A stout aggressive taper that's used to cast large bulky flies like say the titan taper... The "running line" would be so thick and heavy that you'd overload your rod so much when you'd have anything more than 40' of line out...

    Btw @ TT... #1 my first outfit was fitted with a level line... Didn't exactly sell me on the continuation of using level lines. Maybe with the resurgence of fiberglass DT is just around the corner.

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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    I think in point of fact, a few/some/alot of folks enjoy seeing how far they can cast. If that's a goal, it probably makes sense to use a WF line, coupled with a fast rod, folks can fish a real cannon.

    I personally don't think casting the farthest always means catching the most fish, but the nice thing about fishing, everyone can fish how they most enjoy.

    I will say what I find interesting, there are so many folks who tell me how many more fish they have caught since going to a fixed-length line system. So why is that? The folks are fishing the same waters, for the same fish, more often than not using the same flies. So why the change in results?

    Did the fisher suddenly get smarter?

    Did the fish suddenly get dumber?

    Who knows?

    The more you know, the less you need.

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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    DTxF's are ideal in smaller environments where distance is unimportant. On large rivers they, by virtue of their uniform level midsection, over line not only modern graphite rods but even more so the softer tipped cane rods I used to fish them on. Now conventional WF lines have disadvantages too, most relevantly, the precipitous rear taper from head to running line is inept at transferring energy so hinges badly when striving to mend or feed slack into a dead drift. Lee Wulff gave this considerable thought in the 1960's and came up with the in-between idea of a "Long Belly" line. Todays' descendants of that line, Bruce Richard's SA "Expert Distance Taper" (not a great nor descriptive name) and John Harder's RIO Gold are like DT's for their first 35 to 40 feet then attenuate over 20+ feet of "rear taper" to the running line. this eliminates hinging and provides mass for roll casting, reach casting and all manor of in-air and on-water mending without drastically adding weight outside the tip-top. The best of both designs in one line. All the line makers produce lines like this in both smooth and textured surfaces, in true and 1/2 heavy versions and all manor of colors. This is the only design category I fish for trout with and find them optimal in all size variant to keep in mind is some, like SA's Textured Trout have quite long front tapers and others, RIO Gold have more conventional front sections. This impacts the type and length leader you may elect to use.

    It is easy, when you attain the stature of having a Golden Eagle Pass, to rely on habitualized behaviors developed in the good old days. As Lee Wulff's hair went silver, he continued, even accelerated thinking innovatively. Try one of these Extended Head, Long Rear Taper lines, what I like to call "presentation tapers", they're innovative.

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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    Have a friend who is somewhat poor, but highly motivated.
    He needed a new nymphing line but couldn't afford one. Had chunks falling out of his old one.
    He wandered into an outlet store, and found a bright orange DT.
    It was only one line up from his rod (we often go up 2.) he bought it anyway.....for twenty bucks. (We're fishing fast action rods.)
    Took a black magic marker to it. Banded it every 6-8" up the line for 10ft.
    Even though the water here is big enough to think distance....70-80 feet across the river, we know they are closer.
    (To answer pzsy22....close up is more effective....the odds of landing a fish hooked closely, are better than far far away.....A "loosely coupled system"....not to say I still don't try.....)
    Roll cast and water-load is the style here, while throwing fairly serious junk..13 ft 3x leader, and 3 ABs at least.
    Anyway.....this month he hit his stride.
    A 4 drift 18"er, a 3drift 20"er, a 2drift 22", and then a one drift 24"brown (Which was his girl friends first time to go fishing with him....)
    A week later he hit his first Walter-class-fish of 26 inches and about 6lbs..I got to scoop it....
    (shortly after that he broke off a fish the same length but much heavier
    He has graduated from my teaching pretty much.......although we still fish together a bunch.
    He loves his ugly DT.........
    I have them on two of my client rods, banded, but not orange.......
    The main deal, is that the heavy belly allows surgical mends, which helps make a better drift, which is the bottom line....
    I got a DT when I started, but like most folks, I thought far was I suffered with a WF for many years....ineffectual mends.
    Not the way I think now.......close-up stats are much better than far stats.
    Have one on my 2-hander as well. Sweet.....

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    Default Re: Why aren't more trout anglers using double taper lines?

    I went looking for a Wulff triangle t line and the fly shop talked me into a Rio trout taper. The head is very close to a TT for the front 42'. I don't fish trout and I do not particularly like the way it casts and seldom use it. It is a good line. It just does not suit me or my fishing. I prefer a shorter head WF or a DT.

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