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    I live in York, PA and have been a avid fly fisherman for a few years.

    I found this site and it looks perfect for me. I tie my own flies and have caught lots of trout in the central PA streams....... but the greatest thrill of all for me is when I wade the Susquehanna with my 6wt! I also do some fly fishing in the surf at Island Beach State Park and Cape May Point.

    I have a neat waterproof digital camera and I take pix of all the fish I catch.

    What a wonderful thing this forum is. It's so nice to see all the info and pix on the internet.

    I hope to be posting some neat pix and reports as soon as the water goes down.


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    Southeast Pennsylvania

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    Hi Richard! I've been lurking here for a while, registered in November, and
    finally posted today.

    I tie all of my own flies, and while it's not as much of a thrill as fishing, it's
    close .

    My only experience with the Susquehanna has been around Havre de Grace,
    and it looks a little too wild for wading there....real wild! I lived in Ocean City, NJ until 2000, and really miss that area. We sail out of Barnegat Bay, but
    don't do much fishing at all while sailing. I have to work on that!

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    Welcome to the forum Richard, and Frankb2.
    Looking forward to your post.

    Over yonder there is a fresh pot of Coffee, Enjoy!!

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    Welcome to both of you!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Welcome, looking forward to the pics.

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    Bedford County, Penna. ....pretty rural

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    Hi Rich,
    I'm from a little towards the west around Bedford, PA and fish central Pa a good bit too! I'm sure we've hit the same streams a few times. I've visited Cape May several times over the past few years and the idea of fishing that area always appealed to me. To be honest, I never tried it because I didn't know where to start! But, of course, that was before I joined this forum ....... I could find out plenty of info now!

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    New guy to the forum. I live in far left Oregon and have no intention

    of ever leaving. One legged fly fishin is hard work, but I'm retired and

    have all the time in time to fish.

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    welcome aboard!
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

    owner of the GL Fishing Forum.

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    Hi WindKnot, welcome to the forum.

    Oregon is a beautiful place.

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