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    Got to agree with a number of posters, trout in a running stream is sexy. BUT! I have about a dozen ponds and lakes by me in eastern Mass with just about anything you want. There is a lot of pleasure and satisfaction casting in the morning sun and landing a largmouth or bluegill. And a bluegill can put up a bit of a fight.

    To me fly fishing is the most enjoyable way to fish. It is a method of the sport of fishing. Enjoy the fishing.

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    Thanks much for your thoughtful responses, guys. Very much appreciated. We're off to the Adirondacks this weekend, we'll be fly-fishing a few lakes. The week after that, we're off to the West Branch of the Delaware, staying at the West Branch Angler Resort and just might hook up with one of their guides. Then, the week after that, we're back up to the Adirondacks to hit the Ausable, and the ponds in the St. Regis Canoe Area for rainbows and brookies. After this flurry of activity, I'm sure we'll be a bit more skilled. Hopefully, we'll have caught a few fish as well. Fingers crossed.


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    Default Re: Battenkill Trout: Two. Son & I: Zero.

    Michael: Sounds like a great plan, good luck and I sure hope you get into some great fishing!


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