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    Question truckee river NEVADA

    Is there anyone on here that has ff the truckee river Nevada side. I have tryed from Reno to fernley and nothing but it was a wonderful morning on the water anyway. Do you have any advice on flies or near what exit from 80 to try also I've read the fishing report a few times and they recommend flies they don't sell here we're do you get yours from and would you like to go fishing some time

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    Aren't the water temps way too warm this time of year?

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    right now I would not recommend fishing the Truckee east of Sparks very much due to the lowest water levels we've seen in a number of years and the temps. Water temps are in the mid to upper 70's most of the day out there. Almost instant death for any trout hooked. I haven't fished much east of Derby Dam(lots of private land) but from there upstream there are great runs all over. As far as flies that depends on the time of year. Stones, Caddis, midges, Green Drakes, Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns, etc. We are coming close to the crayfish hatch as well. The Reno Fly Shop is the closest shop to the river but Scheels and Cabelas also has a selection of flies to use.

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    You sound pretty familiar with the river. If we had had a couple decent winters (or five!) in a row and the temps were cooler/flows better, can you give me and VW Fallon some ideas what hatches are typically good in which parts of the year (on average, I know it varies

    Like, aren't we coming into the time of year when stoneflies should be hatching? Isn't it something like skwallas in further up, maybe on the CA side, and golden stones in the lower altitudes? I've fished the West Walker on the CA side in September and there were stonefly shucks on rocks all along the bank, and I even had an adult land on my leg.

    My fly matched it, but I was an even worse fly caster then than I am now and never did find a trout that day

    I'd like to know what's what on the local waters so I know what flies to stock up on, whether it's by tying them myself between now and next Spring or by buying them.
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    I've been fishing the Sierras for around 10 years now and have gotten to know the area fairly well. Here's a hatch chart that the Cutters put together for the area

    California School of Flyfishing, Nevada City and Truckee, CA > Fly Patterns > Hatch Chart

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    Here's a little blurb on the Reno Orvis site for the Truckee

    Aquatic life: BWO (All Season), Little Yellow Stone (April-June), Green Drake (May-June), Golden Stone(All Season), March Browns(March-May), PMD(All Season), Caddis of every shape, size, and color including Oct. Caddis(June-Oct), Midges(All Season), Sculpins(All Season), Crayfish(All Season)
    Flies: Drys - E/C Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Cahill, Parachute Adams, Gunnison Green Drake, Stimulators, Sparkle Duns.
    Nymphs - Caddis Pupa, Pheasant Tails, Prince, Hares Ear, Bird Nest, Peacock Terminator, Kaufmann Stone, Polyfitus, Micro Mayfly
    Streamers Buggers, Crayfish, Nutcracker, Muddler, Zonker, Zoo Cougar, Clousers, Double Bunnys, Bandit Leech, Chuck and Duck

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    Thank you, sir!

    Most of my Sierra fishing experience is from further south, say Walker Canyon on vacations since circa 1996.

    No familiarity with the Truckee, except where they ripped out the one park where I got a hit downtown to put in rapids
    If you know who Curtis Loew was, we could probably be friends

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