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  1. Default Small stream rod

    I would like some opinions on what size of fly rod I would need for small steam trout fishing. The trout will average 10 to 14 inches, but there is a possibility I could hook one in the 10 pound class. The streams are only 5 to 10 feet wide.

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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    That's a big range on size. Considering the stream size and the 10 pound size, I'd go for a 4 weight. Good luck since I know for myself it's a coin toss on rod selection in many streams.

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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    I would get a rod that will let whatever your average fish is show off. If 90% of your fish are 10" with the occasional behemoth, buy a light rod that will make them fun. If you lose the big one so what? As to rods Cabelas makes a series called the TQR which stands for tight quarters rod. These are short fast rods. They go for about $100. TFO makes the finesse series which are also geared for small streams and there is the Echo carbon series, both for under two bills. I would go with a 3 or 4 wt or maybe even a 2 depending on what size fly you are throwing. A 4 wt is a good all arounder and a 2 or 3 makes small fish fun. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    I love my 8' 4wt in waters you describe. I've hooked some 4+ pounders with it and it can handle it just fine.

    Have fun!

    Tight lines,


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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    I prefer short and slow. A slow rod helps when I'm kneeling in the bushes, or behind a rock, casting mostly leader. My favorite is a 7'6" 3 wt Superfine. Next up is my 7'9" 5wt Superfine. The 5 wt is my all around favorite, but the 3wt is the one for the tiny brooks and the trout named after them.

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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    I prefer a medium fast action rod like the St Croix Imperial, very good rod at an affordable price. I use a 7'6" 4wt for the waters you describe. This particular model flexes much deeper into the butt section so it feels more medium than fast, but still has a bit of backbone to it. If you go this route, you want a true to weight line on it versus a half size heavy.

    What is your price range and preferred rod action?

    A Redington CT is another very good and affordable choice in a similarly sized 4 weight. It is a much softer rod though.

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    And YES... the answer is always, "It depends".

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    Depends on conditions on your stream. My small stream is heavily overgrown so I fish a 6'6" St Croix Avid 4 weight . Works well for me.

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    St Croix Imperial 7'6 4wt or Redington CT 8' 3wt... Both can do it all on the small streams here in the driftless... IMHO the Imperial shines with a wf4f gpx line... A half heavy line but I do like slower action to my rods

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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    I will also give an endorsement to the Imperials. They are fantastic rods! I'd look at either the 7'6 or 8' in a 4wt.

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    Default Re: Small stream rod

    Get you a Eagle Claw 7' glass rod from Walmart for $21 and see what you think of it. Probably the best you can do is just find something cheap or borrowed and use it. See what you like through experience.

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