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Thread: battenkill mid arbor

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    McFly, that reel seat is AWESOME! Titanium would be my choice also. I just ordered some more Vosseler reels and I think now I should have gone the few bucks extra for GOLD, but the Black and the Titanium will be fine, plus this was the RC3. For my Bamboo, I think I will go with the RC2, then I will get gold or BRONZE if they have it.....WAIT, the wrappings are RED...A RED ONE!

    Here is the custom color one I got for my BIIx and the JWT:

    I agree with everyone else. If a reel is for a 3-5 for example and the next size up a 5-7, I would definitely go for the HEAD ROOM and the bigger reel. Like a gun in an alley, might not ever need it, But if you do.......well you get the point

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    joni thats a nice reel! whats the difference in bamboo and regular rods beside what its made out of? does it cast better? anyone have a idea of a good fly line? something thats still ok in colder waters for sure like said above? I am still searching. there are so many rio lines I forgot the 1st one I even looked at lol. would some kind of line made for just for steelhead be better? I never worried about it before and just bought the cheap $20 or less line wf line.
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    You will really hate me on this one if the reel cost more than the rod, LOL
    MUTI -TIP Gives you four lines in one, but they are over $100.
    That is what I got, one reel, one line, four 15' sink/floating tips.

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    ya I seen that line just a few minutes ago. pretty cool it has um all built into one. that would be great for lake erie fishing down deeper. I might have to think about that when I save up in the future. take a sinking line onto the lake in my boat and catch some monster walleyes and stuff haha. not on this rod tho cause its just for river fishing and I never seen it deeper than say 12 feet or so.. I see so many kinds of line its confusing. lol
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    The multi tip is also floating. It is floating, Intermediate, type III and Type V.
    You already know I love Selective Trout, And WindCutter, but I just tried out the Air Flo Ridgeline. My feelings are WOW! this stuff shoots, BUT, it has memory in the cold which is right now, much more than the two I mention.
    This line however, if effortless to cast...AND it is on sale right now for around $30. I am not sure what the up date is on this line, maybe new slicker coating.
    Oh yeah, it makes noise which I am not use to, probably like the Sharskin because of it's unusual design, but I am totally sold. THREE OF MY FAVORITES.

    The difference between BAMBOO and GRAPHITE. Hard to put that one in words. I will say glass is a closer comparison. The F&F by Orvis and the One Ounce come close. Bamboo is just a beautiful thing, very smooth and you are in touch with everything. I am talking however the UPPER end rods or the light rods. My Tea Stick is very light and sensitive. But the older 9'ers or the ones that sold for cheap like the H.I. and the Monty's, I would say they were just big long HEAVY dry fly sticks. I wonder if that is why LEE WULFF switched to a 6' for steelheading.

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    I will check out the airflo line. I was also recommended this line SA Steelhead Fly Line . here its good for cold too and you can roll cast 70' with it. I wish I could. hah. mine end up in a pile at my feet lol.
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    That is the great thing about now a days, there is a line for everything! LOL
    Anyone have the new Crappie or the new Bluegill line? ;-)

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    haha I know. I am leaning torwards the steelhead line from scientific angler
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    got the battenkill mid arbor IV in the mail today. its awesome!
    Attached Images Attached Images
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

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    So Shiny! LOL Don't you just love getting packages with fishing gear in them.
    I love the little reel case that comes with that reel.
    Did you get some line yet?

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