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    Default HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    I just wanted to take a minute and say a HUGE THANK YOU to Larry! About a week ago I had posted a question about using bucktail as a suitable replacement for moose mane. I had recently read an article in Fly Tyer in which moose mane was use as a body material. Larry was kind enough to send me a LARGE patch of moose mane. Your kindness and generosity are amazing Larry! I can not begin to say thank you enough!
    - Ian

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    Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    It's the people that make this forum so great, Ian. The warmth and generosity of people like Larry.
    On the other hand, it's probably a good thing the body on that pattern wasn't spun gold dubbing
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    Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    I'm proud to be a friend of Larry's.... Aside from being the best(free) guide in the west he's one of the nicest guys I know

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    Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    +12 on Larry... Aside from being a great guy, he has an extreme amount of courage. After all, anyone who'd willingly volunteer to guide/fish within a half-mile of my "Where the hell is that cast going?!?" technique has got grit in copious amounts!!

    All kidding aside, Larry truly is one of the "good ones..."

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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    Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    - Ian

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    Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    As soon as the idea started to do something as a group to help Jerry's kids, Larry was the first to jump onboard and ask what he could do.

    When he found out that I was planning a trip to the Wind River Range, he quickly mailed me huge waterproof maps with the best golden trout lakes marked.

    When I told him I was going to bring quads to Sublette Co. for the boys to ride, he ran around gathering information up and he found out where the best places were to ride into.

    He offered to meet up with us to do some fishing.... (as Jerry says, brave man.) Unfortunately, our schedules didn't work out and he was away when we were in that area. Our only disappointment during the whole trip.

    We didn't get to fish together, but Larry did share a couple of his best honey holes and that resulted in the boys each getting to play with 23-24" fish! These aren't honey holes like, "fish the NW corner of Yellowstone Lake." This was a tiny lake that took us two hours on a dirt road just to get back to. A REAL honey hole.

    You're a HUGE asset to this forum Larry. I hope that I'll be able to repay some of the kindness you have shown my boys and I. My fingers are crossed that it'll work out that we can hit the Green this fall like we're discussing. It would be an honor to spend some time on the water with you my friend. I've learned so much from you. I hope you won't mind me bringing a rod AND a notebook so I can continue.

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    Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    Guys: Thanks for all the kind words!

  10. Default Re: HUGE thank you to Larry!!

    I had a similar experience... An older gentlemen who I met on sent me probably $200+ worth of fly tying materials and tools when I expressed interest in learning fly tying! Including dr slick scissors and some whiting grade hackle assortments!! I was stunned that he was so generous to me

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