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Thread: Casting Lessons

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    It is my opinion that most shops are very generous in terms of subsidizing beginner lessons recognizing that they will likely receive follow on business that is worth their investment. My experience has been that their knowledge and teaching skills are typically worth far more than they charge (especially when it's free with purchase of a rod). Take advantage of it and shorten your learning curve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
    The only "local" shop to me is Kelly's White Fly Shoppe in Shepherdstown, WV. The other is a bit farther away (Murray's in Edenburg, VA). I'm going to visit Kelly's this weekend. If I didn't go out of town last weekend for family politics (read: wedding), I would have visited both.

    I just purchased the Orvis book on fly fishing. I've read alot of books on the subject in the past few months and, although the information in all of them are about the same (removing any personal preferences), the Orvis book is VERY informative.
    I'm thinking that Murray's may be the one run by Harry Murray, one of THE MASTERS of smallmouth fishing in your area. Its fair to call him a guru, and it would be worth the trip to go pick his brain about spots and techniques. For big names in Fly fishing in the mid-atlantic area, he ranks in the top 5 with guys like Clouser, Popovics, and Lefty Kreh.

    (Ok, maybe top ten if you consider Shenk, Humphreys, and Harvey.)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    That would be him. Just looked up his site to be sure. Edinburg is a bit of haul for me, but I think I can break away a Saturday or two. I want to learn and practice for the October trip to the North Fork of the South Brank of the Potomac.

    If I can do it early enough, I might try to practice on some sunfish on a buddy's pond.

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    I've taken casting lessons from a friend of the family who's been fishing for years and it totally changed my mechanics. I recommend the lessons, they're well worth the money. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your location

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