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    Default Some guys simply catch big fish….

    So I received the image of the huge cutthroat in my in-box this morning. We get emailed pictures everyday from customers across the states and beyond. The fisherman in these images lives in Idaho as well, further East than Boise, but truth be told, not that far away. I remember the first time he stopped by my shop. He wanted a new hat… He was in town visiting family and was looking for some pointers on fishing some of our local waters. This would be his first time on this stretch of water. I gave him some flies I tied the night before , handed him a “Cutthroat Leader”, greased up and ready. He left for a day of fishing. I knew he would do well, as he is a great fly fisherman, but he had one of those amazing days we all hope for. He caught many, many big browns on dry’s all day long. From that day forward, the pics of fish this guy sends me always amaze. I am thankful that he often plugs us in his online postings, but even more grateful that we have plans to wet a line together in the very near future.

    These were we all landed on various leaders of ours. Logun uses our Ultimate Dry fly leader with a loop, our Big Bug Nylon leaders when indicator fishing and our Streamer leader for chucking big articulated streamers. As you can see, he does pretty good with all styles of fly fishing.

    Thanks for sharing your pics Logun Mitchell.

    p.s. we like and appreciate receiving fish pics of all sizes, not just the monsters... keep em coming.

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    Default Re: Some guys simply catch big fish….

    Beautiful and amazing fish, but these photos are very obviously photoshopped...weird.

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    Default Re: Some guys simply catch big fish….

    Wow great pictures! He is so excited in the second picture that rays of delight are shooting out of his head!

    But, you know, I use your leaders and I never catch fish this big. What's with that? No guarantee? I want the leaders that guy is using.

    And I don't want to hear comments about presentation. All true fly fishermen know its all about the leaders...


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