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Thread: Introduction

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    Hi all

    Recently found you forum and I am finding it a very interesting read so I thought I would join in.

    My name is Jim from London in the UK.

    I hope you don't mind me sticking up the link to our web site.


    We are not a business or a club but a group of people who enjoy our sport and want to promote it.

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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy the forum and become an active member.


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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to the forum and the group. looking forward to your questions and input.
    Let us all share our wisdom with a younger generation. Tight Loops, Tight Lines and Good Fishing to All

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    Welcome to the forum Jim.

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    Hi Jim
    I looked at your website, and was guessing those trout must be stocked. I
    saw a YouTube video, and it showed a stocked trout pond somewhere in
    England, and they put 25-30 inch trout in there! You pay a fee for the day,
    and hold on tight !

    I also liked that Damsel fly pattern shown. I've been tying something very
    similar, but use hackle on the body as well. I really think the collar does the
    trick .

    ALRIGHT! I found the video: YouTube - That's Fishing! - trout

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    Welcome buddy.....glad to have ya here. All anglers need to link up to keep our traditions alive on both sides of the Atlantic.

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

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    Welcome to the group!

    You've just reminded me that we haven't heard from our friend Davy Wotton recently. He has contributed lots of advice on Wet Fly methods, but not very recently.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thank you all for your kind words and warm welcome.

    There are a couple of forums out there where I have recieved a frosty welcome.



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