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  1. Default My Cabelas stuff arrived today!

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    Wow! My SLA arrived today. On the Internet a lot were saying that the reel was too big. I ordered a size 1, made for a 3 & 4 wt. even though I put it on a 5wt. I was correct with the smaller reel. I still put on 20yds of backing and all the 5wt Sharkskin. Smooth as can be, both reeling and with drag. IMHO the best reel I have ever owned. Super light and reels so quickly. Now if I cranked the drag up to full and yanked the line (like so many complain about on the net) maybe it would jam! LOL But this beautiful reel is so smooth and quiet. Perfect balance on my Sage. Both the rod and reel are so light I should be able to cast it all day and not even know it's there.

    I was wrong about the loop to loop connectors. The tiny loop on the line and the tiny loop on the leaders are a beautiful match. It goes through the guides much better than a nail knot.

    The Sharkskin seems to have no memory. When I cut a quarter inch off at the backing, it was very to cut with my clippers! I almost couldn't cut the stuff. Reminded me of Power Pro. It looks great, I'll cast it tomorrow.

    The Rotary Peak is also a wonderful thing. I tied a couple flies........ and I must say that a good vise that rotates is so much easier to tie on. I could put the hackle between the chenille and it's easy to point the hackle towards the back.

    I've always used the cheapest tying materials I could find. The "Jay Fair's Schiappen" is a wonderful hackle for tying. Much softer and the hackle seems to go where you want it to go.

    I'm so glad I spent a couple bucks on my fly stuff. Really, I can't think of anything better to spend my money on! Trout opens here on 3/29.

    Scuze me while I tie a fly,

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    looks good to me. I can't wait to try my new reels out.
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    Default Re: My Cabelas stuff arrived today!

    Cool! I have the Peak, and added the D-Handle not long after buying the vise.
    What an improvement, and only $7. I bought my Peak off an ebay dealer,
    and he tossed in the brass screw upgrade for free. Tying has become a real
    treat !

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
    looks good to me. I can't wait to try my new reels out.
    McFly...... do you know what would happen if I turned in that homework in your handwriting?

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    Richard, I'm jealous. Nothing is better than seeing the Cabella's package with your name on it! Enjoy the new eguip.

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