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Thread: Am I Limiting Myself?

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    Default Am I Limiting Myself?

    Do I limit my growth as an angler by fishing only specific rods/reels?

    I'd like to think I'm starting to get a little more well rounded by using different casts and fishing techniques. But I'm always using the same rod and reel. Is it bad to always use the same Scott rod and Ross reel? What about if they're in different weights? I have a Sage 4 wt, but I think I'd like another in a Scott just becuse I like it better.

    I guess what I'm getting at is am I hurting myself by not being more open to other manufacturers?

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    Default Re: Am I Limiting Myself?


    I don't think you are limiting yourself. I use the same rods most of the time. Sage 5wt for dries and nymphs, Sage 6wt for streamers. Only different rods I use are when I go saltwater fishing with my Dad down in the Keys.

    If you feel you would like to try a new Scott by all means treat yourself.
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    Default Re: Am I Limiting Myself?

    That's a slippery slope that I find myself on right now . If you have a
    need that's not being met because of you equipment, seek new gear. If
    (like me...LOL) you just want to drop some money....well...I don't know what
    to tell you. I'd say master what you have, and then see if the gear is still
    limiting your fishing experience. I bought a 6wt Sage FLi last night for
    streamers, but 7am lawn tests show that my 5wt Aeroflex casts a 6wt line every inch as far as the Sage, and will equal authority. I blame it on too
    much marketing, and too many hours spent reading the hype.....

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    Default Re: Am I Limiting Myself?

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    I'd say master what you have, and then see if the gear is still limiting your fishing experience.
    Thats pretty good advice frankB2

    Trout champ----you are starting out on a higher level than i did--the only thing i learned was to adjust my casting style to cast a lot slower rod. I dont think you are limiting yourself in any way as long as your happy with what you're doing. I have a couple heavy Scotts for salt and they are canons compared to what i was using previously.
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