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    Default Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    took delivery on a bunch of flies, from big meat and Dragon flies to #22 midges...…..Orvis had sale and no shipping.....Oh, and a pink tech shirt, I like pink......God, I'm bored....

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    Default Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    Some things you can't be without during a pandemic. N95 masks, hand sanitizer, ramen noodles, toilet paper and black thread. Almost ran out of the latter and had to make a suicide. Bam! Last spool! Virus be damned.

    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    bought a Ross Colorado for 3/4 wt made in USA/Colorado for $236 (on sale now) free shipping and no tax.....
    with everything going on with our country and the virus, just not in the mood to buy another reel or rod
    from Korea or elsewhere....

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    Default Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    Have had these at various stages for a while, but finally have the two new-ish rods paired with two new reels:

    Sage Dart 7'6" 3-wt w/ Hardy Duchess:

    Dart 01.jpg
    Dart 02.jpg

    Sage Trout LL 8'6" 4-wt w/ Hardy Marquis:

    LL 01.jpg
    LL 02.jpg

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