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    Default nice knife for fly fishing?

    would u guys take knife when fishing?? what do u think about this Shun Classic 6" Chef's Knife? is it nice knife for fishing??

  2. Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    depends what you are using it for and what you are aloud to carry in your state??? I have folding knives I take out with me cause we can't have fixed blades here but if you want to filet and eat the fish out on the stream you prolly need a filet knife instead. that looks more like a butchers knife type to me and doesn't even come with a shealth... you can buy something way cheaper and more durable that comes with a shealth! for around $50 for example you could even get a marine ka-bar fixed blade knife

    for a folding knive I recommend the smith and wesson extreme ops cost $15 or less
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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    For filleting in camp, that knife might be fine. LIke GMcF said, there's no sheath (looks to sharp to keep in your vest ), and the handle is ALL wrong for an outdoors knife. I use a Schrade Uncle Henry folder with sheath, although they are now made in China. The price does reflect being made in China, however, and I was using mine with a hammer last week. The point and edge held up fine. My other knife is a Buck USA fixed blade with sheath. The blade length is around 3.5-4 inches, and has a heck of a nice edge. Both of these knives will cut branches and fillet a fish if needed.

    You can go the next step up in outdoor knives, and get one of the Crocodile Dundee mini machete types, and if I ventured further into the woods, I'd have
    one of those.

    Made in China Knives: I first noticed that many of the big name manufacturers are importing thier knives about 7-8 years ago. I was in Walmart (what else would you expect from there?), and saw Gerber knives for $17-$35. I thought, WOW! What a DEAL!, but then noticed they weren't Gerber USA. At $17, they might be a good deal, but I'd rather have the real deal in knives. Case still makes their knives in the USA, and many of Buck's knives are still made
    in Idaho. Buck's website will indicate which are made in the USA, and I would encourage you purchase a knife that supports an American worker.

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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    I carry a Leatherman with locking blades. Has everthing you need for fishing.
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    I have a Gerber multi-tool which is great... plus I have a drop point sheath knife which I made myself that I used in my hunting days... just a great all round knife but a wee bit over the top sometimes!!

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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    This is my favorite knife for FF. It fits/clips right into the top pocket of my vest. Each of my kids has their own...

    940 Details | Benchmade

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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    I assume you are talking trout & smaller sized fish.
    For me it's a little Camillus "Yellow Jacket 2 blade Muskrat" model 714.
    Camillus Yellow 2-Blade ""Muskrat"" Knife
    It's just a plain old clasic pocket knife. Two identical blades, each a little over 3" long.
    I hear Camillus is out of business, but to me these are the clasic outdoorsman's everyday pocket knife. Holds an edge well but easily sharpened. Although the knife is compact (as a pocket knife should be), the blade is plenty long for any normal outdoor work (I obviously don't carry it for moose or bear hunting), & they were reasonably priced. When I see knives like it I always think of my dad & grandfathers. They were never without a knife like it in their pocket. It was simple but took care of everything from cleaning trout, to cleaning finger nails, to small home & aoto repairs.

    If you are talking salmon size stuff, any good filet knife, prefferably with a 6-8" blade.

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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    Cloudy, the knife your looking at is a Chef's knife, so it's designed for chopping and slicing. This is why the handle is set the way it is, as well as the price tag.

    Since you'll be outdoors, it's a better idea to get a more general purpose knife. Like other's have said, check your states laws to see what kind of knife you can carry legally, but I carry a buck fixed blade for hunting/fishing in addition to a small pocket knife I always carry on me.

    Here is a link to what I have:

    I got mine at Cabelas for about $40. Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: nice knife for fly fishing?

    Well, even tho the thread has plenty of ideas already ill toss mine into the lot since this has become more of a "heres what i carry thread" hah. I carry a spyderco NativeIII locking blade. Now if youre talking about using the knife for fish cleaning, i do have other filet knives at the house but none of them are over 7". I find that even for 70-100 lb yellowfin or any other saltwater fish (which is what im coming from over to FFing) a short 5" blade is absolutely the best to loin out a fish. You have more control over a smaller knife, so those big 12" and above knifes i find useless. But thats personal preference. I would look for a decent folding/locking blade to use as your everyday carry. If you want a knife designated for fish cleaning then I would look into a 6" fixed blade that i wouldnt be carrying in my pack/vest.

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