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Thread: Frozen guides & silver sides

  1. Default Frozen guides & silver sides

    Had a fantastic season opener with my father that I had to share.

    On Thursday the Maine DIFW opened the season two weeks early due to a warm winter and early ice out! However, by Friday it was snowing, temps dipped into the low teens and a penetrating wind.

    I drove out with the family Friday night, given an amazing report of landlocked salmon fishing in Downeast maine. Knowing this spot is no secret, we planned to be there early and arose at 430 to be on the water by 530 standing in the dark with head lamps awaiting sunrise while guarding our spot. That preparation was not needed as we had the pool to ourselves until 830! The most fishermen at any one time was only 4!

    All I can say is frozen guides stink. 16 degrees F and 20mph wind gusts made casting difficult, fingers numb, and more than half the time spent on the bank trying to free reels and guides. But all that is minor, when the fish are biting.

    In only a few total hours fishing we netted 28 Landlocked Salmon and 1 unexpected Togue! The fish averaged between 16 and 18" with one exceptional 24" male!

    The fish were feeding on Rainbow Smelt washed down from the lake above, actively chasing and hitting cripples on or near the surface. We fished a variety of smelt imitating streamers with equal success.

    I'll post up pictures as soon as I'm able. They won't upload right this minute, for some reason.

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    Default Re: Frozen guides & silver sides

    We're looking forward to seeing your pics...

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    Finally got Tapatalk running again.

    This stretch of stream is artificial only fly fishing only catch and release.

    Amazing how those fish disappear on the gravel bottom!

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