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    Default Your favorite Hatch..

    So this image just came across on my face book page. I so love throwing BIG NASTY Salmon Flies to hungry Trout. If you hit this hatch right, it is a load of fun. If you miss it by a few days either side, you have missed it.

    Another top hatch that I love, the Trico Hatch. On the spectrum of dry fly hatches, these two are as most different types of Hatch you can get.

    So, the BIG question is.... what is your favorite hatch to fish...

    "which ever one that is hatching is not a legitimate response"

    Let the games begin.

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    The caddisfly hatch on the south fork of the Boise

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    I do love the Salmonflies on the Colorado, and I do love the Caddis on the Arkansas however, favorite hatch to me is the one that I hit on a variety of rivers so it would be:

    Pale Morning Dun

    That hatch has counted for some of my biggest fish on dries and the most consistent fishing on dries from nymph to spinner phase on multiple rivers in multiple states for a long time. I love seeing those bugs - the 14's down to the 22's.

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    The legendary Green Drake Hatch of the Beaverkill River.........because I have never witnessed it or been there at the right I only anticipate hitting it one day. The biggest Trout in the River eating size 8 Drakes ???? I think I can live with that if it ever happens for me (probably when I'm retired).
    "However, I must warn all beginners that the dry-fly game is an insidious one. It creeps upon you unawares, and unless you fight the tendency you will eventually fish in no other way." Ray Bergman, TROUT 1938

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    Hendricksons.... a hatch that should begin any day now.
    Very civilized.
    There's no reason to rush around or get up before breakfast as they come off like clockwork precisely at 1:30 pm
    Pick your pool and sit back on the river bank. Observe some nature and wait for the rise

    In the salt... silversides
    On the night high tide of the full moon of June, these minnows spawn in the cord grass with their milt turning the water white.
    As the tide turns, that milt calls in every fish around.
    It's not at all civilized.
    It's a free-for-all with big fish blasting through the grass beds devouring the unlucky amorous.
    Cast like mad as it's short lived. The tide will soon be too low to hold fish.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    These guys...

    ...and this book explains why...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    Of course I like them all but as already said above; Hendricksons in the East, I hope beginning next week, and the wide spread, long lasting PMD's (a cousin of the Hendo) in the West.

    I will add though that big Drake spinners, aerial dancing and falling at dusk, are very exciting. Rig up the 6-weight with a tippet no lighter than 3X!

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    The Lake Erie/ Ohio Mayfly hatch is incredible to see. Its never translated well for me river fishing but I can sit at my local reservoir for about an hour at dusk catching whitebass on every cast. I've only been on a trout stream once when a minor hatch was going on and for about 15 minutes in a 100 ft section of river I had blast. I'd love to see the hatches you guys talk about.


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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..

    PMD's. Just big enough to see well, but not too bulky for the 3 or 4 wt. and 5x-6x. Spinners can fall morning and evening. Sometimes even during the emergence. All stages are easily matched, especially with my favorite feather, CDC. There's lots of cripples. And mostly, because this hatch is never ignored like some other hatches. The trout always rise for some stage of the PMD when its on the water. It always brings up steady risers. They're not random risers like you often get with the big drakes, caddis, or stoneflies. The water boils with noses. Trout love them, and so do I.

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    Default Re: Your favorite Hatch..


    After a Winter of eating stuff the size of a comma, a double cheese burger arrives!!
    They just we wait for another year.......

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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