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  1. Default Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    New to the larger species fly fishing game so I'm not exactly sure what I need. I have an 8 weight rod that I use for bass and the occational pike and was recently reading an article that said an 8 weight rod is optimal with a fly ranging from 1/0 to 12. Now some of the Pike flies I have/want are upwards of 4/0 so I guess my question is would I be better off fishing these larger flies with a 10 or even 12 weight rod or can my 8 weight handle something that big?

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    Your 8wt is fine but you might need a different line like a bass bug taper for casting large flies. There is a point where large bushy flies won't cast well. That's more dependent on materials and size vs hook size.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    Steve is right. You can adjust fly lines and casting stroke to make it happen well enough. The fish won't know how the fly got there, as long as it gets there. A lot of my flies should be cast with an 11WT. But I don't enjoy casting an 11WT all day so I use a 9WT. In the end it's about enjoying your day on the water. That trumps the exactly "correct" gear every time for me.

    And welcome to the forum Matt.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    11wt line on an 8wt rod

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    Right on thanks guys. Guess I'll keep casting with what I've got. Be a miracle for me to land a 40"+ pike with my experience no matter what gear I use

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    The guys have this under control, I use an old 9 weight Orvis rod with a 375 grain Javelin line on it. I'm pretty sure the line is 375 with a 40 foot head section. Your 8 weight should be just fine unless you tie up with a new State record. I'm not sure where you're fishing because you didn't include your location in your listing details but........ I have caught an awful lot of those fish using relatively small flies. Bunny strip patterns on 1/0 short shank hooks with total length around 3.5 to 4". Another good pattern is a Whitlock Sculpin (if you don't need to get deep. I use those on size two 2X streamer hooks. It seems that when the bite is on, anything that hits the water and then moves a little will get hit. I believe it is more about the technique of retrieve than fly size.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    Ah-ha ... this is about big flies and big rods. I had something to add on the other size range. I guess it wouldn't be a highjack to include.

    Recently purchased an older Fenwick FF80 (8' 7-wt glass) and took it trout fishing a couple weeks ago. Was nymphing with indicator and #18's on 6x much of the time. Not a single break off. I never felt I had to back off on the hookset, although its pretty automatic to me not to cram it too hard using those little hooks. Love that old glass!


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    Here in Wisconsin, the muskie fly fishers use a 10 wt rod. Some use an 11 wt. You will have trouble handling most legal muskies with an 8 wt. In most of our waters since 2012 a legal muskie must be 40" long or longer. A few trophy lakes have a 50" size limit. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight if you are coming here to fish Muskies.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod Weight vs Fly Size

    Quote Originally Posted by mattreeves437 View Post
    Be a miracle for me to land a 40"+ pike with my experience no matter what gear I use

    It sure would be fun to try, though!

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    I typically try to fish as light of a set up as I can get away with given the fly I am throwing. My 5 wt won't throw bigger bass flies well but I'd rather fish that than an 8wt for bass when I can. When I cannot, whether it be the fly or conditions, I'll size up. If I catch a fish that I can't handle with a smaller rod so be it, chances are good I'll have a good story to tell if nothing else.

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