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  1. Default Roaring River state park MO

    Hi everyone. My b/f and I are going to be camping/fly fishing this weekend at Roaring River in MO. We have never been to it, so was just wondering, has anyone ever been? Whats the fishing, terrain like? I have read about the park from their website and understand its all no wading except for the catch and release area.

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    It's been a long time since I've been there, so my first hand experience is not all that up to date. I think I've read that you can wade the last zone of the park, too. I'm told the water below the park is good fishing as well and public. It does not get the pressure and is wadeable in a lot of it.

    The website to check out is They have a section on RRSP in their forums. The aknowledged expert down there is Tim Homesly, who posts as Timsfly on that website. He owns a flyshop near the park and updates frequently. I've thought of a trip down there later this year and keep an eye on his posts.

    Here's a link to his shop Tim's Fly Shop

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