Got this e-mail from 'Blue Ribbon Flies' this morning. They are having a huge fly sale, and I believe a large portion of these flies are tied in house.

Can't beat the prices, so take a look at the list and give them a call or e-mail them. Here's a link with their contact info;Blue Ribbon Flies

For the mods, I did ask them if it was ok to post this in the forum, they said "please do", hope you don't mind.

Once In A Lifetime Fly Sale
Blue Ribbon Flies
April 2008


This is not our weekly newsletter, or your average update from Blue Ribbon. This is an exciting, first come - first served event we haven't held in a long long time, and probably won't repeat for another decade or two at least. Quantities are limited, and we'll end our sale May 20th, so look through the lists below and order today!

Dry Flies, Nymphs and Streamers

Don't Miss Out!

We pick the sizes; quantities are limited.