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    Quote Originally Posted by plland View Post
    I was thinking yarn might be a good alternative to a dry-dropper rig when fish aren't hitting the dry and I want to make my flyline less likely to get hooked in a tree.
    Is it just me, but how does a yarn indicator help prevent the tree gods ;-)

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    just got me some of those tip tops. they look like they would work great. can't wait to give um a go when i go steelie fishing next time.
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    Nothing to do with strike indicators BUT (as far as TREES!); Went fishing today (needed a break from the Obama and Hillary ads - ya' know us Pennsylvanians own guns and go to Church 'cause we're so frustrated with the government.....and if prayer doesn't work out!!)....Arrived at streamside (Gorgeous April day in Pennsylvania) - all ready to go - except NO Fishing vest - it was hanging on a chair at home! Scrounged and found 1 leader and two spools of tippit (very old 3x and 6x). Found a weird assortment of flies sticking here and there in my truck (no fly boxes either). Finally put together something that I thought could work and.....first cast......leader and flies ended up 10 feet up in *^!!^# Tree. (I know-whose fault was that - I'm thinking probably Bush's!.....maybe Cheney.) For a moment I was thinking that the fishing God had a perverted sense of humor! Lost most of my terminal tackle. Rigged up with a leader made of 3x and 6x tippet. Try it sometime (just kidding! Don't try it!) Tied on a #22 Kimballs emerger (only fly available now) to fish through the egg-laying caddis swarm! HA! Caught 2 stupid trout - lost emerger in tree - went home! Oh well - I guess reading Joni's post made me think about trees!- and the political references? -Campaign rhetoric burnout!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    Is it just me, but how does a yarn indicator help prevent the tree gods ;-)
    I was saying, the yarn indicator might make things easier when retrieving a line from a tree compared to a dry dropper rig, where you have two flies tied onto your leader. Seems that just one fly is a little easier to get out of a tree than two of em ;-)
    The other flies, n., pl.
    1. dry flies, nymphs, emergers, terrestrials, streamers, etc.
    2. What I use when a black #10 woolly bugger isn't catching.

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    Default Re: Tying on an indicator

    having picked up so many plastic indicators along the banks of the rivers I have fished, am with Frank & yarn.

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    Default Re: Tying on an indicator

    I use the Pop Top indicators for steelhead. I like the fact that I can switch over to swing wooly's without having to re-tie everything; the surg tubing slides up to the top of my leader, no muss no fuss...


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    I have never been a fan of yarn. It DOES get water logged specially in fast water. Very wind resistant. I don't care for the kink they put in the leader either although the Tinkgamabobbers can too.

    Hi Joni,

    It is so interesting how good fly fishers can use the same methods and get different results.

    I don't have a problem with my Poly yarn indicators getting water soaked. I do soak mine in HydroStop and that may be the difference. A yarn indicator is more wind resistant that some hard form indicators. I don't find mine any more wind resistant than a #10 Royal Wulff. When I use a really small indicator it is less wind resistant than the Wulff. Unfortunately conditions have to be perfect for me to use a very small indicator or I can't see it.

    I just had another thought. When I am indicator fishing I usually have split shot on the leader and the wind resistance of the indicator isn't a consideration. I know you don't like split shot and that may have something to do with our different results.


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    Good point Frank, the times I have used Yarn it was with the "BB" in line, but then again it wasn't windy LOL
    The thing that is starting to tick me off is the BALLOON indicators. So many here say they are better specially if you loose them....BETTER HOW! I guided on the popular Provo Saturday and I saw balloons all over the place. They might disintegrate after time, but how much time?!
    Plus for the like of me, I CAN"T BLOW THEM UP! LOL

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    Default Re: Tying on an indicator


    Am curious about how the Provo fished Sat.?
    Were you on the North section ?

    Thank you

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    We ended up on River Road to the north. Walked towards the freeway.
    #22 were the answer. Rainy has a killer Baetis Nymph that is AWESOME!
    My clients missed several, but the newbie LANDED two beautiful healthy Browns.
    The water was COVERED with BWO, but the fish weren't rising, at least while we were there. I did notice a few rises as we were leaving around 2.
    Water flow might have been a little high, but was clear. I say HIGH cause the rock I usually stand on was under about an 1" of water.

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