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    Default Guy With A Butterfly Net

    I was fishing the other day and when leaving the pond (empty-handed) I came across this guy walking through the pond-side bushes with a butterfly net. I watched him for a while as I stowed the gear in my trunk and he was logging what he was catching, letting them go (whatever he was catching) and then back in again for a few more swipes, before returning to his car to look at the net's contents and log it again.

    Curiosity got the better of me and I approached him making small talk about the weather & what-not.

    Turns out he's a "collector" of insects, but brings nothing home aside from pictures and counts of what he found. He mentioned the Dragonflys and Damselflys had just appeared in the past few days and that's what he was looking for that day. I pointed to the beaver lodge on the other side of the pond and told him of the 30 or 40 Dragonflys I'd seen circling above it the other night well after sunset, and said I'd never seen that many in one place swarming like that. He got fairly excited and asked questions about size and colours, etc, and I told him I was 20 or 30 ft away and couldn't see to that level of detail. He told me that there are some that come out only at dusk, but are rare in these parts and he was going to come back some night to see if they were back.

    OK, back on track:

    He obviously knew a little about fishing because he asked me what fly I was using and if I'd had any luck. I told him I was using Blue Dunns, Mosquitos, and also tried a Coachman. He said good choices for this time of year, but said the fish were probably full and lazy.

    I guess he saw the look of bewilderment on my face, he asked if I ever tried Nymphs, and I told him no, then went on to explain I'd only been fly fishing a few weeks. He told me with the number of insects he'd seen that day, it must have been a hotbed of feeding activity during the days previous. He told me to get a few nymphs that resembled Damselflys and Dragonflys for next year as trout of all breeds love them.

    So, what nymphs should I look for? Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Guy With A Butterfly Net

    Jamie: Here is a good article on damselfly nymphs: Three Keys to Effective Damselfly Nymphs | Feature Article | Westfly

    Here are some good looking patterns: Damselfly Larva Patterns

    Here is a YouTube video showing a damselfly nymph swimming and you will see why an impressionistic nymph with lots of movement is the needed to imitate the natural:[ame=]YouTube - Damselfly Nymph[/ame]

    Here are a few dragonfly nymph patterns:
    Dragonfly Nymphs


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    Default Re: Guy With A Butterfly Net

    I was out in my float tube the other day and was joined by a boat load of damselfly nymphs. They stated onboard for the duration.
    Wait for one or more to molt, but it never happened
    Did catch a whole bunch of 'gills/bass/perch though even though the temperature was in the 90s*
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Guy With A Butterfly Net

    Cool video, Larry; thanks for posting it and the links to the patterns.


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