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    Default Strike Indicator Affecting casting Distance by ~ 25%

    Is this normal?

    Take into account I'm still a beginner and feel great when I lay the fly into an imaginary 24" circle 40 ft away from me.

    With one of those "foam butterfly shape" pinch-on Indicators, I'm lucky to get it out 30'. Add any amount of wind at all, and treats the line like I have no idea what I'm doing and the fly could end up anywhere within a 12' radius.

    I'm fishing still water, 4-6 ft deep with the Indicator 4ft from the fly.

    Thanks in advance for any help or tips.


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    Default Re: Strike Indicator Affecting casting Distance by ~ 25%

    Jamie: Yes that is normal, the indicator will reduce the range of the cast. You stated you were fishing stillwater, but didn't say how. If you are in a pontoon or float tube, I wouldn't worry about casting any distance, just cast out and then let the rig sink then use a hand retrieve at the appropriate rate for the bug your trying to imitiate. Most of the pontoon boats and float tubers around here don't really cast out too far. Once they have the line in the water they slowly back troll using their fins for propulsion. Here is a good article on stilwater fishing:


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    Default Re: Strike Indicator Affecting casting Distance by ~ 25%

    Wonderful article Larry, thanks for posting it!!!

    I am wading out as far as my hip waders will allow and casting out towards lilly-pads and grass.

    It's funny you mention "float tubes". I just found out there's such a thing yesterday and was looking around for videos and info on them. I'll be definitely getting one for this pond, and others, next year.


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    Default Re: Strike Indicator Affecting casting Distance by ~ 25%

    Hi jamieof,

    Larry is correct that a strike indicator reduces casting distance. But some are less aerodynamic than others. Try a small Thingamabob, a dry fly or a small yarn indicator. The Thingamabob may be the most aerodynamic and give good results in still water. The foam Butterfly style has a small frontal area on the edge but eventually the flat side of the indicator will present a high resistance and decrease your cast.


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    Default Re: Strike Indicator Affecting casting Distance by ~ 25%

    My vote for Thingamabobbers also. A small size will work in most applications.

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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