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Thread: Hellagrammite?

  1. Question Hellagrammite?


    Is it typical to find hellgrammite's pushing 3.5" - 4" in length? I ask only because I've only ever seen them in a smaller size. That said I found one tonight that really surprised me with it's size; real chunky and very large...


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    In my experience, 4" is a pretty large one. Perhaps it escaped from the BALCO lab that Barry Bonds hangs out at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nralover View Post
    In my experience, 4" is a pretty large one. Perhaps it escaped from the BALCO lab that Barry Bonds hangs out at?
    Ha! Could be...

    Yea, it was a big one...I hate to admit it but I got a little scared for about .5 seconds (just saw the new King Kong movie...). Then I started wondering if a Woolly Bugger would imitate a large hellgrammite if fished correctly...

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    I've seen some 4"ers! Enough to scare me to death!
    Last summer fishing in the Susquehanna after dark, around 10PM, I saw quite a few "huge" hellgramites change into a "huge" Dobson fly and take off.
    The same way a nymph changes into a fly. A hellgramite is only a gigantic nymph.
    When the water is shallow in August the huge ones climb on a rock that sticks out of the water and change to a huge fly.
    I thought they were bats at first, but when I saw the hellgramites fly off a rock, I just prayed that they didn't still have those big pinchers! None bit me, they fly around a little and fly to the woods.

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    I recall a hellgrammite pattern from an old issue of Fly Tyer. It was basically a black bugger but with black ostritch herl for the tail instead of marabou. Not exactly sure what the logic was behind that, probably the need for something slightly stiffer. Hackle was grizzly, or maybe black.

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    Hellgy get up to 4" all the time just before hatching..They go through instars..The Alder fly is similar but smaller..To most the 2 are hard to tell apart..As an adult the pincers are there and can inflict a nasty bite.(been there).
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    Unfortunately the emerged adults still have big pincers and can still bite.....When they hatch in my area everyone knows to look at where they are placing there hands before putting them down.

    For me the best nymph pattern is to use brown and black ostridge for a tail and palmer the rest for the body with ostridge - a ginger hackle on the body. I tie some with light clouser eyes for the deep holes.

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    Sesro1978, you have a PM...

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    Those things are 'Fugly'!!!

    If you took one of those and a Salmon Fly Nymph, zoomed in on them, you could have a great monster movie.
    The winner takes on a Praying Mantis Adult. lol

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    They bite too!
    Saw this one up in the NC hills:

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