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Thread: Which lines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    If I can get down a foot or more with a floating line then that would negate the use of an intermediate line (for now!). I have used a sinking tip line in the past for deeper water but found that it didn't keep the fly (streamer) where I wanted it. With each strip of the line the fly would not only move forward but up as well. Probably a better action for nymphs etc. This time around I will try a full sinking line.
    I greatly appreciate all of you suggestions.
    My best,
    I use the S.A. Stillwater Clear Intermediate a lot. It sinks about 1 and a half to two inches per second so I count it down in multiples of six. When fishing from my float tube if I see fish on my finder holding consistently at four feet I will count down to that level and the line will fish the fly in that zone. The fly does not plane toward the surface as it would on a long leader floating line setup. (sometimes the fish like that rising presentation so floating line/long leader is a good presentation)

    The British have thoroughly analysed stillwater trout fishing and they make much of presenting the fly at the level of the fish. This is where a clear intermediate line is an excellent choice. If you Google Denny Rickards and read about his stillwater fishing you should find some more convincing info on the use of a clear intermediate line. Rickards uses the Clear Camo Cortland Line.

    While tubing or tooning I always carry 3 rods rigged wirh different flies and setups. Two of the rods are broken down and carried on either side of the tube, The third rod is in my hand and can be slid into my rod holder when I'm changing systems.
    My 3 setups are:

    clear intermediate
    fast full sinking
    floating line/long leader (sometimes with an indicator)

    With my 3 rod arsenal I never get bored and I usually catch much better than the one dimensional floating line purists.
    God Bless,

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    Hello Don,
    I am sold on the clear intermediate line. It can be very windy and choppy most of the time on the reservoir I fish, so it seems the intermediate line will combat the wind better and I can fish shallow or a few feet below the surface (correct?). The floating line is a given. Nothing beats topwater action when its calm. Finally, for a third line I am leaning towards a fast, full sinking line (SA IV or V), though I am not sure if a III would be better as it could be counted down deeper if necessary. Talk about losing sleep!!
    I too will be fishing primarily from a float tube though occasionally from a boat. In the past I have used a beat up 6 wt with floating and sinking tip lines that had gone well beyond their usefulness. I'm hoping this new 7wt can deliver the smaller flies as quietly but handle the larger bugs better. So with a new rod comes the new outlook, which translates into decisions, descisions........
    I greatly appreciate your replies.
    My best,

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