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FrankB2 04-27-2008 09:05 PM

I Was Staring at a Lake, Without a Rod....
....but I did have my fly boxes and leaders. We were visiting my son at
Dover Air Force base (he lives in a house off base), and stopped at one of
the most ideal large ponds I've ever seen. I forgot my rod, largely because I
brought my guitar. We watched fish jumping everywhere, and then I finally
found a long slender branch. I tied a 9' leader to the end of my new rod, and
used a Green Weenie to haul in several bluegill and two crappie. My son wanted pics, mostly because of the tree branch rod, so my wife didn't take
any pics. It was my intention to post them here, especially since one of the
gills was frying pan size!

Well....After arriving back at Jr's house, I asked him to transfer the pics from
his phone to my wife's but guess what: NO PICS WERE SAVED!!!! Rats!!!
Jr is an avionics specialist on C-5 aircraft, so I can't explain the situation:icon_sad: .

Anyone else have to improvise lately? If I didn't have leaders and flies, I might have simply lamented not having any gear. I must we had a great deal
of fun using the branch as a rod, and that was the highlight of our visit.
Getting a 20% military discount at the local restaurant was a distant second :D .

fyshstykr 04-28-2008 11:46 AM

Re: I Was Staring at a Lake, Without a Rod....
That's funny Frank!
Did you save the rod for a backup if you ever need it again?

I think I'm gonna start calling you 'MacFrank' after the greatest Innovator of our time 'Macgyver'(sp).:icon_smil That guy could do anything with nothing...

FrankB2 04-28-2008 12:07 PM

Re: I Was Staring at a Lake, Without a Rod....
LOL!!! I just couldn't stand there with all those fish jumping :D !!!

My wife laughed at the idea when I first began looking for a "rod", but I told
her that my parents used to get me 4 sections bamboo (or some type of
reed) rods for $1.99 when I was a kid. It was the kit that included a few hooks, a bobber, and a length of monofilament. I fished with those until I was
able to buy a "real" rod, but looking back, I had a bamboo travel rod at a
bargain price:icon_cool :D .

That pond fed a stream that looked fantastic for fishing, but we were running
out of daylight by then. Next time.....

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