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    Question Sumo Rods from Tackle Discounts in the UK

    Does anyone here have any experience with the "tacklediscounts", Sumo brand of fly rods. Without first checking I bid on and won? a 5/6 Sumo XS 10 ft fly rod. They show the retail value over 240 british pounds (about $320 US).
    Paid about $50 for it plus shipping, and now I am curious (better late than never I guess) Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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    Default Re: Sumo Rods from Tackle Discounts in the UK

    I've just read about them having ridiculous msrp's. And that most of them are bought for around the price you payed. Someone complained about their weight ratings being off, and that something like a 5/6 rod needed at least a 7 weight line to load it properly. But again this all just stuff I've read on the net. No personal experience so take my words with a rather large grain of salt haha


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    Default Re: Sumo Rods from Tackle Discounts in the UK

    Thanks Big Redfly - should get the rod in a week or so and will try it out with several weights of line. supposedly it is IM8 and fairly well appointed, but seeing is believing. Got some other stuff from the same place (tackle discounts) and it was top quality so far and not expensive.

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    Default Re: Sumo Rods from Tackle Discounts in the UK

    I picked one up for about the same price last year to use as a suitcase rod & I have no complaints. It's a better than average $50.00 rod & I've caught some fish with it. as a matter of fact a buddy borrowed it & he likes it so much he still has it.

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    Smile Re: Sumo Rods from Tackle Discounts in the UK

    Well, the 10 ft 3pc 6/7 rod arrived today. I compared it with my TFO 6 wt and the arc is virtually identical except that my TFO 6 is a 9 ft and not a 10 ft. The finish is very good and the weight comparable to my IM6 TFO. The cork handle is comparable to the one on my RPL 9 wt Sage, and the reel seat appears to be a composite vs wood, or aluminum as on cheaper rods. The guides are all aligned perfectly, and the spine of the rod is where it should be - dead centre of the blank. The green cordura covered case would normally run between $15 to $20 at most tackle stores. If as the advertising states, that the rod is new and the price is basically a promotion to get the rod some publicity, I would suspect the rod might eventually retail in the $200 - $275 range, but not the $400 that they are claiming. In all, I am very very pleased with this purchase. So much so that I bought two more but this time 10 ft 5/6 weight. - one to keep and one to sell.

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