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    Default Tuesday Evening Fishing

    Beautiful evening fishing, and as Ant just said in another thread; "Any day you get a line wet is a good day".

    This is the view from where I was fishing tonight. The beaver lodge I usually fish close to is just out of the picture to the left at the head of the pond.

    Managed to hook a couple of nice trout, in spite of their fussiness tonight. Both were caught on a #14 Mosquito. I tried a couple of nymphs (one was a # 12 beadhead with which I was having issues) before the wind dropped off, and then a Coachman & a Black Gnat which were unproductive as well

    Sorry for the crappy picture, wifey's camera and I'm not used to the settings.

    There was a guy on the other sid of the pond who was struggling a bit with his fly rod, and I went to meet him before leaving. I gave him a couple of hints, which you guys had given me, and he was thrilled and was a little peeved 'cause it was getting dark and he was really enjoying his success. He asked how I learned so much in a few weeks, and I gave this board and the members plenty of credit for their knowledge, patience, and willingness to help and answer noob questions. He asked I pass on his thanks.

    The bad side of tonight was when I was walking back to the car, through thich brush over my head, I lost my fly boxes. Well, back to the shop tomorrow.


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    Default Re: Tuesday Evening Fishing

    Jamie: Very nice trip report and photos! Congrats on the nice looking trout! Sorry to hear you lost your fly boxes, that hurts, but it was good you were able to lend a hand to someone you saw struggling. Good for you!


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    Default Re: Tuesday Evening Fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
    SNIP<<< it was good you were able to lend a hand to someone you saw struggling. Good for you!

    Thanks Larry. I believe in PIF!


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    Default Re: Tuesday Evening Fishing

    Sweet trout, Jamie. A good evening indeed.


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    Default Re: Tuesday Evening Fishing

    Indeed although im not entirely for the old cliche saying "the worst day fishing is better than the best day working", i will have to say as my pops used to say... "its better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick eh?" glad you had a decent evening!


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