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Thread: Great Day of fishing, Father's Day Weekend.

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    Default Great Day of fishing, Father's Day Weekend.

    Got to fish some local waters on Sat… the day before Father’s day. It was a great day. Lots of fish biting, fishing some waters we typically drive past to reach our desired destination. Caught a BWO hatch that memories are made from.

    We often drive to our favorite runs, pools that have produced in the past. Areas of river that EVERYONE else fishes… While driving, I decided to drop off the main road and park the rig in some areas that had no entry or exit, no tire tread marks, no trampled access trails to the river. We had low expectations, so we had nothing to lose. The sun was high, so we did not expect the fishing to be that good anyways… even in our favorite runs. Also, I was helping a buddy learn to fish streamers. He had yet to hook a fish on a streamer. We approached some great looking water. Water that has not been fished in a long time… You could tell by the bush whacking we had to do to reach this section. After rigging my buddies rod with a streamer specific leader, tying on some 2x tippet, and the BIG articulated streamer tied by FlayLabz of Idaho, we were ready. After a few lessons on casting big/heavy articulated streamers, he was ready to hook some fish.
    As if almost on que, I called out to my friend, “nice cast”, I even yelled “Bang” as I hoped he would get a strike, The last portion of my “bang” did not reach my lips before I saw his rod tip bend towards the river… fish on. His first fish on a big streamer. The fish was not huge, but he did put up a good fight.

    Already, the trip was a success. From here on out, it was simply about having a good day. We carried camp chairs across the river, set them up in the shade of small tree, kicked back, talked about fatherhood, kids, life… we also watched for rises.

    As evening approached, the day that was slow with rising trout rapidly made a turn for the better. The BWO hatch that came off was insane. There were rise rings everywhere. One of those nights that you are setting the hook because a trout aggressively takes a natural only inches from your drifting fly. We hooked lots of fish. No true monsters, but this type of fishing is what got me hooked on fly fishing many years ago. Lots of hoots and hollars. We were both fishing the new looped leader system and it performed flawlessly. But being honest, I do not think it had much to do with the leader, as these fish were simply gorging themselves on BWO’s. Many a times, I never got more than a 2’-3’ drift before my fly was sucked down.

    Looking through pics to post of the trip, I have to share a pic of my buddy after we come back to the truck to cook up some sausages riverside. Turns out he had a leak in his waders. Not until we was on dry land did he realize just how bad the leak was…. He was too lazy to remove the waders completely, so he did this…. (see below). Lots of laughs.

    Happy Dad's day to all you dads out there...

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    Default Re: Great Day of fishing, Father's Day Weekend.


    Congrats to you and your buddy on a great day astream. And, his "posture" in the last photo isn't "laziness." Rather, it's pure innovation, as he was able to combine an upper-body workout with the draining of his waders. Absolute genius in my book...

    At any rate, glad to hear that you were able to get him into fish, and that the BWO hatch was on. A belated Happy Father's Day to you, my friend...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

    PS Daughter Jesse and I spent the "first-light" and twilight hour on the river on Father's Day. And, as usual, I spent more time watching her fish than wrangling a fly of my own. That girl does know how to wield a fly rod and read the water, though I've yet to figure out where she picked up those skills... JW

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