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    Ok, first of all, I love to fish but I've only been fly fishing a few years, so I'm a relative beginner. I recently bought an 9'/ 5wt Orvis Clearwater Rod off of a friend of mine for a really good price. With it he sold me his G. Loomis Venture 7 reel. The thing is, I know the Venture 7 is intended for a 7 weight rod, but it seems to work fine for me. Is this going to be a problem? Thanks in advance for any input

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    The only issues I see is you will need more backing to fill the reel which will make it heavier, which brings up the 2nd issue - where the rod balances will change. But it might not change enough to where it bothers you. Most folks like a rod to balance either under the thumb when you grip the rod or at the top of the grip to about 1 in up the rod. Balance is important because with a well balanced rod you won't wear your arm out casting.

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    no --its not going to be a problem---just go out and have fun with it.

    Its not going to be ideal but as you grow in the sport you can get a new reel that is more balanced on the 5wt and you already have a headstart on your 7-8wt outfit.
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    I don't see it being a problem at all. just holds more line and has better drag. it will work for you.
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