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  1. Default Where would you fish?

    Hi Ya'll,

    We are finally going to take a much needed vacation. Not the normal 3-4 day weekend. We are actually going to take 3 weeks and get away. Our first empty nest trip.

    We are starting from Southern Minnesota the last week in June and ending the trip in Northern Texas near the middle of July. My wife has never been to Mount Rushmore so we will head there first, then......

    Has anyone fished in the Black Hills? Spearfish creek, Rapid creek, Castle creek, Spring creek?

    What about fishing in Southern Wyoming near Laramie? The North Platte river, Laramie river or creeks in Medicine Bow NF?

    What about Central Colorado along either side of the Front Range?

    We will be wading when we fish. Might hire a guide.

    No email, No phones, No meetings, No deadlines, No traffic, just the question, what should be do next? I am so looking forward to this trip.

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    Default Re: Where would you fish?

    There's a section of the North Platte in WY they call the Dream Stream or Miracle Mile, and I think its fairly close to Cheyenne.

    For CO, the South Platte near Hartsel is one of my favorite spots on the planet. You'll want to fish the section between to two reservoirs. There's a shop down in Buena Vista that could set you up with a good guide.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Where would you fish?

    First I envy your trip. So does your wife wave a rod also?
    As you come down from South Dakota a fun place to fish is Fort Robinson near Crawford, Nb. Spring fishing is great there in the White R. & Soldiers creek. This area is just across the boarder from Wyo.
    When you get to Co. the Big Thompson R. below Estes Park is a fishy piece of tail water (good fish populations with mostly rainbows & some Browns with easy access) as you travel South. I always enjoy the Gunnison R. valley if you get to South Western Co. Good fishing!

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    Default Re: Where would you fish?

    Hello Smith,
    Are you considering venturing any further West?

  5. Default Re: Where would you fish?

    Big Cliff,

    Thanks for the info. We have seen the miracle mile on a couple of web sites. We will check into it.

    We hadn't even looked that far south in Colorado. We just found a write up on another website. It sounds like a great place to fish.


    Yes, the boss is a fisherman. She has all new gear. I have all the used gear. I had never though about going south out of the Black Hills. I will definitely look into it. There was an article in the July/Aug 06 Southwest Fly Fishing on the Big Thompson. It is definitely on the list to check out.

    You mentioned the Gunnison. How the access to the river? The boss has a bad knee and to much up and down isn’t good for her.


    It all depends. I know we won't go as far west as Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons. To be honest with you the only thing we have planned is Mount Rushmore. From there it’s up in the air.

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    Default Re: Where would you fish?

    Have you thought about the San Juan in northwest NM? It's supposed to be back to normal summer flows by the 1st week of July and the fishing should be great this year. It's 3 hours or so northwest of Albuquerque if that gives you an idea of travel time to your destination in north TX.

    Of course with the directions everone's giving, we'll have you fishing in Californee in no time

  7. Default Re: Where would you fish?


    We are going to fish the San Juan in Sept or Oct. with some friends.

  8. Default Re: Where would you fish?

    Cliff, have you fished the south platte above or below cheesman lake?

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    Default Re: Where would you fish?


    I have heard that there is some great fishing in the Black Hills of SD, but I have never fished there. I visited the fish hatchery in Spearfish, while visiting the Sturgis Bike Rally.
    I live in Laramie. The Miracle Mile is north of Rawlins, WY on the North Platte, betwen Pathfinder Reservoir and Kortes Dam. Its length depends on the available water but runs anywhere from 15 miles in drought years to around 5 miles when water is plentiful. Virtually the entire section is public access. Definately worth a visit. The Laramie River offers some good fishing but access is very limited. Lakes and streams in the Medicine Bow offer some excellent fishing. Just west of Casper on hwy 220 the North Platte follows closely to the hwy. At Alcova there is a dam (Grey Reef) and the tailwater below the dam offers some excellent fishing. Between the dam and Casper there are numerous public access points offering great fishing opportunities.
    PM me with the dates you plan to be in the area and maybe we can hook up for a float on the Grey Reef (I own a drift boat). This is my first season rowing, but the Grey Reef is a pretty easy float (no rapids).
    Also the North Platte over by Saratoga, WY offers some great fly fishing, access is limited but a float is possible there also. The North Platte originates in North Park, near Walden, CO. There is excellent fishing in the headwaters of the North Platte in the walk in area of North Gate Canyon. there also are a couple of Blue Ribbon lakes near Walden.


  10. Re: Where would you fish?

    We leave Weds on our trip.

    First stop my Dads lake home in southern Minnesota. On Friday we have our semi-annual guys fishing tournament, 14 guys and 7 boats. I’m going try and us my fly rod this year, but will have my bait cast and spinning rods ready. Saturday I hope to do some trout fishing with my brothers. The Minnesota DNR website has some great maps of the trout stream in the South east corner of the state. Check out the link:

    Trout Angling Opportunities in Southern Minnesota: Minnesota DNR

    On Monday June 30th we head for the Black Hills. My wife and I are going to spend 2 days fishing and being tourists. We have a guide for one day and will fish on our own the second day. Not knowing the streams we are taking my 3 and 5 wt rods.

    The third stop is the Big Horn River in Fort Smith Montana. My wife surprised me with this one. We have a guide for 2 days. Get to finally do so drifting. I’m ready to skip the first part of the trip and head for Montana. We will spend the 3rd-7th in Montana.

    The final stop will be in Pueblo, CO. I have a cousin who lives here and he will be taking my wife and I fishing in South Central Co. for a few days.

    Then we head back to Dallas 3200 miles later.

    Now to fish packing.

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