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Thread: Spend Your Check Wisely

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    Did my part and bought two new outfits.
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

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    I like the way you are thinking,its an excellent idea


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    I used mine on an American-made kayak.
    Jakeway Near Nashville, TN

    Kayaks: Just part of the drag system

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    my take: buy American home grown REAL food or beer.

    Its good for ya

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Nice Cliff, I agree on the American Micro Brews! Mmmmm Beer.

    Great point on how to spend the rebate, but remember that Wal-Mart is an American company and it will stimulate the US economy as with anything bought here from a US company.

    If you think about it, Wal-Mart buys dirt cheap from around the world so they can get a 20/30/100% profit margins and still sell cheap. They do employ tens of thousands US citizens.

    Now personally, I don’t like giving money to Wal-Mart because it is such a corporate giant and it is more stimulating the top salary makers and share holders than helping regular Joe’s like you and I. I like to spend local with smaller companies and buy products made in the USA or even other countries that I know to have decent labor laws so the cheap stuff I love does not come on the backs of dollar a day labors that do not have laws in place to protect them from say having to work 18hr+ days.

    I started a new habit that I encourage everyone to try, look at the Made in label on EVERY thing you buy, you will be astounded by the number of products made in China and how difficult is to find simple items (like polarized Sunglasses) made someplace other than China (I ended up spending reluctantly 100bucks on the HVOs from Orvis since they are made in Italy, although the lenses are probably from China)

    Me I need a new pair of waders. . . a challenge finding economical American made waders . I commend Dicks’ Sporting Goods website because it shows country of origin on a lot of items

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    Default Re: Spend Your Check Wisely

    I spent mine on a season golf pass, all the money went back towards americans.

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    Done deal, Buck's Bags pontoon boat made in Idaho

    Yukon Jack

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    Default Re: Spend Your Check Wisely

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish Bones View Post

    It's good to see that I am not alone in this. Your advice is precisely what will happen to my free-be!

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