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    I was in your shoes in April. I took a 1/2 day into lesson at a local fly shop but the most helpful this I did was get some mentoring from a local Trout Unlimited Chapter in my area. I got to spend most of a day with someone who know what he was doing. Great help.

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    I second the hobbs creek combo from bass pro. Ive been using it all season and I LOVE it. Coming from a 7/8 weight it took a while to get used to casting but I can hit any spot I want now with accuracy and stealth. 1 Thing about the reel though, its very delacite. Shortly after I purchased mine the handle unknowingly snapped off so I took the line off and put it on a single action martin reel. I also have the scientific anglers outfit which I use for big lakes and its quite nice too, not bad at all for the price.

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