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  1. Default advice to a beginner please.....

    Hi there, I would really like to get in to the sport of fly fishing...Ive read a lot and as you can probably guess, Im overwelmed with info. I live in Pa. and will be fishing streams for small trout and pan fish. Can you tell me what the best set up would be for me to get my feet wet in the sport. I really dont want to spend more than 150$ on a rod/reel....I know that there are a lot of combo packages out there that are ready to cast out of the package....Id love some direct directions about what to buy, as far as weight, action, brand, how many pieces the rod should be....thanks....

  2. Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....

    For the fish that you noted my advice would be a 9' 4wt outfit. This
    rod is on the lighter side, but would do well for small trout & panfish.
    ( You would be throwing smaller sized flies for those fish & this weight
    works very well. I happen to own a 9' 4wt Sage FLi which I use for the
    exact same fish, but it is higher in $$$. )

    There are many on the market that would fit within the price range
    you specified. You could check with your local fly shop, Cabelas or
    Bass Pro on-line/catalog. (check also with The Full Creel who runs
    this site )

    If you are just wanting to try Flyfishing beginners may also want to
    try going with a friend who is into the sport. Going out & trying it may
    help you decide before you drop some coin on an outfit.

    If you are like many of us once you try it you'll love it a we do.

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    check the full creel. up in the corner they sponsor the site.
    also try

    Cabela's Official Website - Quality Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor Gear at competitive prices. has some decent rod/reel combos. I got a 8wt thats great

    Fly Shop Closeouts does too. nice rods for half the price! got me a tfo pro and orvis reel line and leader for 180 or so. the rod is regularly 150 by itself!

    some other decent brands that are cheaper are redington and scientific angler and st.croix to name a few.
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    Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....

    If I were you I'd find a fly shop that gives lessons. Not just casting lessons but fishing lessons. The usually will supply or rent gear, and give you the option to buy your gear afterwards if you decide you want to continue in the sport. Not sure where in PA you are located but Brandywine outfitters in Exiter use to run a fishing clinic. Thats how my Mom got started when she decided she wanted to join my Dad and I fishing.
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    if you are cheap like me and can't afford lessons check out flyanglers onlines beginners 101 section. its very helpful.. thats how I learned the basics. also rented vids from the library too
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    Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....

    Scientific Anglers has a great beginner combo that includes:

    # Concept Reel
    # Aircel WF line
    # System L2L Tapered Leader
    # 20lb backing
    # Fly Fishing Made Easy DVD
    # Tackle Assembly Booklet

    Cabela's -- Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Made Easy Fly Combo

    It'll make a great back-up rod once you get efficient at casting and it's time to upgrade.

    It's also on sale for $69.00

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    Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....

    Hi heather,

    Take a look at this FAQ post about new outfits. It will give you some ideas and cost.


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    Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....


    Ditto Davo's suggestion re: taking a class at a fly shop. It is worth calling local stores or checking their web sites b/c many of them offer free intro classes. Also, if you can, it is worth paying for an hour casting lesson as it is hard to unlearn bad casting habits after they have developed.

    Don't worry about being overwhelmed. I think we all were when we started. Just focus on one skill/topic at a time. For example, read about targeting bluegill on the surface and then try fishing for them. Then, go back and read the info again. The info you just read will make more sense. Once you are comfortable or feel ready, move on to something else. Read a little bit, then try it, read a bit more, then try it, etc....

    Youtube actually has several good casting videos. Maybe someone else can help out with links for these? I think they were previously discussed somewhere on this forum.

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    Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....

    Worth considering is this combo from Bass Pro Shops:

    White River Fly Shop Hobbs Creek Large Arbor Fly Reel and Rod Outfits

    On a related note, I have a Courtland combo set (one of their more high end sets at ~$250 retail) which, in my opinion, is a brick. It's the "nieces & nephews" rod & reel and I never realized how heavy it was until I tried to teach one of the younger nephews--I really don't know how he managed to hold it off the ground, much less cast with it. I don't know if other Courtland rods are equally as heavy, but it is a factor you should monitor as you are shopping the alternatives.

  10. Default Re: advice to a beginner please.....

    Most bang for your buck?! Skip catalogs, online stores....and seek experience. NOTHING beats the wisdom of those who know. An experienced guide or teacher not only saves you money in the long run, it also ensures competence and enjoyment with the appropriate gear. Good luck, Heather.

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