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    Default Re: Support Your Local Fly Shop

    There are now only 3 privately owned fly shops in this area, two are in Anchorage and one in Wasilla. I'm known in all three although I only stop in a couple times a year. All three shops have been very good to me and I always leave with tying materials or flies whether I need them or not The Sportsman's Warehouse in Wasilla has many things I need for camps and cabin use. I deal mostly with the people at customer service because I have an account with them and they provide a friendly atmosphere for me there also. In a small town like Wasilla I consider the employees at that store the same as the private business employees, they all need their jobs and I need all four of the businesses as options for my needs.

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    That's a good point. That business is still contributing 100s of thousands to the local economy even though it's not an independent shop. This point is easy to lose sight of when we're painting chains and establishments with broad strokes.

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    Default Re: Support Your Local Fly Shop

    I live in Phoenix, and it just isn't a hot bed for fly fishing.

    I consider the San Juan to be my "home river" and it is nine hours away.

    We have the big boxes, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, and Orvis, as well as one dedicated independent fly shop and one independent shop that caters more to bass fishing, but it does have a substantial fly fishing section.

    Sadly, I just don't get that warm fuzzy feeling when I walk into those independent shops, even the fly fishing dedicated shop.

    It is in an upscale shopping center, their merchandise is all the upper end high dollar stuff, and I might as well be in an Orivs shop, right down to the high fashion clothing...not sure if they sell dog beds though.

    That being said, I go out of my way to visit "local shops" when on a fishing trip...the more seedy looking the better...and I always try to buy something.

    Just as an aside, during a recent trip to Basalt, CO, I chose to visit the Taylor River fly shop over at least two other fly shops in town. They had an extremely up to date website with current fishing conditions which proved to be very accurate. Based on that I shopped at their store and they were extremely friendly and helpful. I also told them how much I liked their website and they were very appreciative and took it to heart.

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    I dread paying retail, but when I'm going to pay retail for anything, I'll make a point of purchasing it at a local fly shop, e.g. Trout Creek Flies in Dutch John. The Big Box stores like Cabelas are not local, they don't need my money, but the small mom-and-pop shops that are located at the places I actually fish can use every dime I send there way. Like most here, I'll stop in and ask for advice, and then I'll buy maybe $10 or $20 worth of flies, even if I don't need them, as a 'thank you' for the advice, and to do my part to help them stay in business.

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    Default Re: Support Your Local Fly Shop

    Closest shop is 45 mins. East or south. Try to split between the two. Becoming to few and far between to not help or try.

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