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Thread: Hello to all

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    Hi folks.
    Just joined so I thought I'd say hello.
    I live in Whitley Bay in North of England and do most of my fishing in the counties of Northumberland and Durham, with regular cross-border raids to plunder Scottish waters (I wish).
    I returned to fly fishing last June after a lay off of 20ish years due to jobs, kids, etc.
    So much has changed in those years - I've got a lot to learn and relearn.
    I'm a member of a couple of Brit forums and really appreciate all the advice I get from all members.
    Looking forward to some good advice/tips from you guys as the American contributors on the Brit forums are very knowledgeable and always readily contribute with very sound advice.

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    That is a coincidence, 2 new members from the UK registering within 2 minutes of each other!

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

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    Hi Walt,

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard. I think you will find we have a lot of knowledge members willing to share information. I will be looking for your post.


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    Thanks for the welcome Guys.

    I wish I'd joined this forum earlier.

    I came to the States in March for the first time - week near Orlando (kids!!), week in Keys and week on Gulf coast - absolutely loved it.

    Funds (& exchange rate) willing I'll be back. So much to see, so little time !!!

    Frank, having just viewed your profile I would have loved to look you up en route from Orlando to Keys and had a chinwag. Hopefully next time!



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    Hello Walt, glad to meet you.

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    Hello from Virginia, USA. Glad to have you here w/ us. I would love to read any thing you have to tell us about you experieces there in that "romantic" part of the fishing world. I relate to your part of the world in a way similar to that of a youth and day dreams. Its almost fantacy like to think of being there in that area and fishing the waters I've dreamed of since I first heard of them. I must admit, I envy you a little. Take care.

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