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  1. Important Rod question...

    How's everyone doing?

    I have a question about my Rod. I am having problems keeping my 4 peice St. Croix rod from coming apart at different male/female points during fishing. I have tried the graphite wax that is supposed to help i guess and it doesnt seem to do much good. The wax i got with the rod def. did a better job than this stuff.

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem or have any tips that would take care of this for me? Do you use a particular wax or have a particular method of getting your rod to stay together while fishing?

    It isnt always happening, but at least once every time i go fishing. Usually after quite a few casts or even more after i pull in a fiesty trout.

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    I always apply a very light coating of parafin on the male ferulle and give a 1/4 twist when putting the rod together or taking it apart. I use several 2, 3 and four piece rods and I don't have any problems with them seperating while fishing.

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    I never used rod wax until I bought a St. Croix. Easy on translated into easy
    of . I used the stuff on my other rods as well, and had the same poor results. After cleaning all of the wax off my rods, I used the old firm push, with 1/4 turn method. That keeps my rods together, and allows for easy
    dis-assembly. I don't push the sections together so hard that they mated
    for life, however, and do give them a check every 15-20 minutes. If the
    assembly was done right, they'll stay together without much/any re-tightening.

    A rod builder told me that the wax's real purpose is to fill in the voids
    between male and female portions of the rod, and eliminates/masks the
    clicking that can result from a poor fit.

    Really horsing a cast can loosen sections as well.

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    I agree with FrankB2.... I typicallly don't use the wax...just a 1/4 turn works on both my St Croix

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    I had one rod that used to do that quite a bit. It was a fiberglass model and both the male and female parts were not the best of mates. A friend said to clean out the female section with alcohol and a Q-tip and clean the male end with some cotton and alcohol. Get all the gunk, oil and dirt off both ends. After cleaning, they fit better; they came apart easier when I twisted and pulled, but they never again came apart while casting. It appears I had some oil in the female end that allowed the two parts to separate.

    In summation..... have you tried cleaning both ends?
    Bob Lang
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    You shouldnt be having a recurring problem like that. If the rod is in good shape and not too old I would contact St Croix and tell them of your problem. If youre assembling it right (and Im sure you are) then that would be a manufacturers defect. Id bet you could get a section replaced or other satisfactory result. They have great customer service/warranty...

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    Thanks for all of your responses
    "There is no greater fan of fly-fishing than the worm."
    -Patrick F. McManus

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    I've never had that problem with the 40-odd single-hand fly rods I've owned (although I've occasionally shaken a tip section loose, which is disconcerting when it goes sliding down my fly line and into the river). If wax doesn't work, contact the manufacturer.

    Spey rod users are advised to tape rod sections, to avoid the loosening caused by a spey rod's powerful torque. I do so, and it's easy. A section of electrical tape, wound in a spiral an inch above and below each joint, keeps them in place. A piece can be reused 6-8 times and can be wrapped around the rod section between uses. It takes just a few seconds for each joint.

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