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Thread: Snagged with choices!

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    Before I get crucified for asking THIS question on this site....Please understand that I truly appreciate the expertise on this site. What is a good ultralight spinning reel (2-6lb test)? I was looking at the Pflueger President ultralight. I also was looking at what US Reel offers (also, looking for a step above ultralight, too). I would like to stick with an American produced product. And, I would like one made with quality components (aluminum over some cheap "composite") Would I be wrong with these two choices? Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    ummmmmmmm...forget US Reel. Made in China.

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    Hello cmdrstp,
    While I don't think you will get 'crucified' for asking the question on this forum, I'm not too sure that you will get very many helpful responses.

    You would probably be better off asking a retailer like 'Cabellas' or 'Sportsmans Warehouse', or even another forum directed more towards 'Spin fishing' (theres' gotta be some out there).

    Sorry I cannot offer you anymore than this, good luck.

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    My two (2) ultralight outfits are St. Croix 7ft. (one is a 2-piece and the other is a custom made single piece). The two-piece is a Premier.

    The reels I have are Daiwa 1000Xi and a Mitchell 300x. I prefer the Mitchell as it has a more "put together" feel to it.

    I caught a 4.5lb rainbow this past spring on the one-piece/Mitchell combo. That was alot of fun. That fish fought for 20 minutes. I'd get him close enough to net and he would actually stop for a second, look at me getting closer, and take off again. He survived the ordeal. I released him.
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    Hi cmdrstp,

    The Daiwa Regal XIA is a very good reel for the money. I am not sure it has a metal body. Look at the 1500 model.

    Even better would be the Daiwa Exceler. It has a metal body. It is $20 more than the Regal. Again look at the 1500.

    Please keep in mind that this is a fly fishing forum and spinning reel questions are off topic.


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    That's the model I have (I could not remember the exact model). I got the 1000 as it's light and a good pair with an ultralight rod. Although I got mine from Bass Pro as it's last year's model (1000Xi). the XiA was just coming out, probably explains why it was cheap enough ($30 with extra spool included).

    I would look into the Mitchell, though. I had to look it up, but I have the Avocent II model. Again, last years model. Very well put together.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    I was suggested the Pflueger Presidental and DANG its a good reel for the price. I can fish that year round, ice, snow, rain, anything. That is an awesome reel. Let us know what you get.

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    cmdrstp, I stand corrected.....

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    Thank you everyone. I picked up the Pflueger President Ultralight (model 6720) spinning reel ($60) and a St. Croix Premier Ultra Light spinning rod (4'6"/ultra light power/medium action) ($70). I lined it with Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon (clear/2lb.test). UTOPIA! Perfect feel all around. 18" brown and 15" walleye are the big takes so far. It's amazing how good gear lets you feel everything you have been subtle takes and structure. Felt like I had a sonar in hand. The reel is solid and smooth. I'm sure there is much better stuff out there, but my wallet has limits. And, I'm happy with this setup.

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    You will not be disappointed with that set up. Price wise it is the best. Good work.

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