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tie one on 05-27-2008 10:34 AM

Another best Fly question ???
Recently I saw the thread re-emerge that I had posted
sometime back regarding your best Bluegill fly. I was very
pleased to see over 4,000 viewers of that post. Well here's
one that will closely mimic the first thread.

What is your favorite fly for Crappie ? Do you have a picture,
or a recipe that you would share ?

I read a recent article in one of my Fly Fishing magazines
regarding catching Crappie on a fly rod.

Do you ever target this species with your fly rod ?
If so, which weight rod do you use ?
Do you use a floating, or sink tip ?

I took the boat out this past Friday on a local smaller lake & in the early
part of the morning they (Crappie) were in the shallow water
roaming around, both large & small sized. (They were very easy to spot especially with good sunglasses) There were small bugs landing on the water
surface, but only for a second or two & I saw a few takes, but not too many. I had both my 3wt & 4wt rods setup with a tandem rig, total of 4 different flies, but no takes.

Do you fish for Crappie on your fly rod ?

Tie One On------------------<*))))><
Fisher of Men

jose 05-27-2008 04:51 PM

Re: Another best Fly question ???
I haven't fished for them on purpose, but while fishing for bass have caught a few in a pond I fish from time to time at the end of last summer. They took a fly I tied for bass off the top water. The fly is basically a deer hair head and black marabou with some green flash on the sides. It's a killer fly that floats for awhile and then stays right under the surface for quick short strips. Each time I caught crappie on it, it was sitting on the top. It might have been the same crappie by the way, since everyone says that there are no crappie in that pond. Someone took a picture on their cell phone one day to send to a friend just to prove that there was at least one crappie in that pond. I used floating line and was fishing then with my Cortland CL 6/7 weight, which I happen to love. In fact I just caught a few trout, including a beautiful 15" brookie this weekend with her on a small tributary of the upper Delaware.

tgoodwater2002 05-28-2008 06:33 PM

Re: Another best Fly question ???
I love catching crappie on my 4wt rod. I am not certain but I think it has weight forward line and it does sink. I use the crappie candy. I have always caught a crappie and some bluegill on this fly. They usually hit this fly on the fall. Here is the recipe and pic. This website has a ton of good pics and recipes.

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