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    Default Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    I am looking for opinions of the Sage ZXL 5 wt 9' fly rod.

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    Default Re: Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    I have only casted the ZXL 590-4. It is a buttery smooth casting tool that feels light in hand. It will help deliver dry flies effortlessly at any distance. It has enough butt to it to throw weighted flies, but don't expect to be throwing the long bomb with them.

    I use a ZXL 490-4 mainly as a dry fly and soft hackle rod, but it is versatile enough to be used in other manners. Yesterday I found myself in a situation that I had to a fish #8 foam hopper. Most of my casts were within 30 feet, but on one section, I had to throw a 50 foot cast. I had the rod at its limits with that wind resistant fly. I also found myself in a situation in which I had to tightline nymph with a #8 weighted stonefly nymph and a #14 Copper John. It had no problems pulling out the rig and flinging it out. If a 4 weight could do all that, imagine what the 5 weight could do.

    I tested the 4 and 5 ZXLs at a show with a bunch of lines. The three lines that I would recommend for it are the SA Mastery Trout, SA Sharkskin Ultimate Trout Taper, and Rio Gold. I use the Rio Gold on my 4 weight.


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    Default Re: Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    Hi flyfish1965,

    Here is a link to [ame=""]a short review[/ame] of the Sage ZXL. It may help you better understand its application. It seems to be a sweet rod that can do a lot of things. I have not cast one so I bow to MP and his experience. We have some members who use that rod and maybe they will post their thoughts.


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    Default Re: Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    presume you have seen my post: SAGE Z-Axis vs ZXL
    "I hear voices, they tell me to go fishing"

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    Default Re: Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate the assistance.

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    I have a 8'6" 4wt ZXL that I use almost specifically for dry flies. Its very smooth casting and can gently land your flies on the water while barely leaving a ripple. It can also cast some smaller nymphs and soft hackles pretty well as well as casting in the wind very well for a 4wt.

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    Default Re: Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    I regularly cast #6 foam hoppers to smallmouth with an 8.5' 4wt ZXL. No problems at all, and in fact, I use that rod for bead chain Clouser minnows. I use 4X and 3X (mostly 3X) 9' leaders for all of my smallmouth fishing, and the ZXL does well in wind for me. Here are 3 videos using my 4wt ZXL:

    I mistakenly say "smallmouth" in the largemouth video, so you'll have to excuse that... The 5wt ZXL has a lot more casting power than the 4wt, and might be the better all-around rod. The 4wt is what I use 99% of the time, however. The 8.5' 4wt ZXL will cast quite a distance when a double haul is used, and I have no problems with it on the Delaware River. In the smallmouth video above, I was casting a #10 Black Nose Dace at least 45 feet to that fish. The smallmouth were chasing minnows right against that bridge wall (far side). That smallmouth took off downstream at full speed, and created quite a tangle in my reel. I was
    able to hand line him in, however, and if you wait until the end of the 1:06 minute video, you can see one of many jumps that fish made. It was very exciting!

    I should note that I have a preference for 8.5' rods, and have never tried a 9' ZXL in 4 or 5wt.

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    Default Re: Sage ZXL 590 Fly Rod

    Troutbum and Frank,
    Thanks for the great info. I appreciate the feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyfish1965 View Post
    Troutbum and Frank,
    Thanks for the great info. I appreciate the feedback.
    hope u enjoy fly fishing!

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