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    Default Lurker Introduction

    Hi names Kevin, I've lurked for a while and need to post up a few questions so I thought I'd make a proper intro before things got out of hand!

    About 20 years ago I spent several years in Florida and enjoyed a bit of in-shore fishing. After moving back to New Jersey, I just continued to dabble in trout, mostly within driving distances, with an occasional trip West. Well recently, I was intived to the Bahamas and I figure it was about time to get back to the saltwater. Of course I'm well aware of the Striper opportunities in NJ too which made it easy to justify a complete re-tooling!

    Lately,I've enjoyed picking up some used and closeout equipment and need to get rid of 2 rods that don't travel well or that I've no use for.

    I also live next to a lake full of carp and am intrigued by the prospect of catching them on the fly to break in my new stuff. I would appreciate it if someone could direct me to a link for a primer on carp.

    We used to get them on home made dough balls off a dam when I was a kid...they would just about burn up our small tackle back then...and we lost a rod or two as well because we would rest them on top the dam, laying flat, wait forever in kids time...get bored and start fooling around....sometimes the takes were strong enough to slide the rods into the water!

    As for me, I'm married with two daughters. I've been hunting and fishing for 40 years. I have two pointing dogs, one of which is a wild bird trialer. I bow hunt and fish when I'm not working or doing something with one of my girls.

    Thanks in advance for your patience! I hope you don't mind the newb questions!


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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction

    Hey Kevin,

    Welcome to the forum, glad you jumped in.

    I think you'll find that a lot of the flies that you'll be using in SW will do double duty in fresh too--- maybe some bonefish and redfish flies for carp.... and of course stuff like clousers, gurglers, and poppers is always good to throw for largemouth bass.

    We have a bunch of folks on the board that chase carp, so they can give you more advice on that--- but hopefully the fall fishing for striped bass and bluefish is fixin' to heat up after this long hot summer. You should definitely give that a shot--- some years the fishing lasts well into December.

    And feel free to post questions, jump in on threads, and make yourself at home here.

    And speaking of bird dogs, I just saw a bumper sticker that said:
    "My German Short Haired Pointer Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student"

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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction

    Kevin. Good to have you here. Dog lover here too.

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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction

    Hi Kevin. My name is Mike. I too, am somewhat new to carp on a fly. What I discovered so far are the following flies...Medusa worms, bread flies(look like bread), small crayfish beadheads, wolly worms weighted and none, bright green with black hackle caterpillars( my hot fly so far this year)
    made from 1/8 cylinder foam on size 4 aberdeen hooks, and some spinner dries. Hope this helps. Also, Madriveroutfitters has a complete section on carp flies.

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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction


    Here's some threads from the forum i found using the search feature for "carp"

    Here's some great looking carp flies tied by NAFFF member "mattpike":
    Carp Flies

    and here's two threads giving some advice for carp fishing:


    And if you tie flies, think about tying up some stuff on salt water hooks that will do double duty for largemouth bass and stripers (like clousers, deceivers, gurglers) and bonefish flies like (Gotchas, Crazy Charlies, Foxy Clousers) that should also work for carp. Hope this helps.

    Some more info on carp flies:
    Any flies for carp

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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction

    Thanks for the carp links Mark....good stuff!


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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction

    on board.Carp is really worth fishing,my friend Batistou has been a carp fan for a while ,caught my first one on nymph while I was fishing for chub a few weeks was a 25'one...what a torpedo!!

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    Default Re: Lurker Introduction

    Kevin: Welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to your reports on learning to Carp fish! Good luck and please keep us posted.


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