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    Hello all! My name is Chuck, I am 31 years old, and I live in Illinois. I have been fishing for many years. I caught my first bluegill when I was 3. I have been interested in fly fishing for about 8 years, but am too nervous to try it for some reason. I am making it a point to finally make this year the year that I actually go out and do it. I have a couple of "cheap" set ups for practice. I will eventually get the more expensive gear once I know for sure this is something that I am able to do. I just have to build up my confidence. I will mainly be reading everyone's posts, and asking some questions. I look forward to learning a lot and hopefully go out there and catch some fish on flies. One other thing, I will mainly be practicing on ponds as there are many ponds near my house. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum. The only thing now is to get you catching fish on a fly rod. Once you do, you will be hooked. Pun intended. Good luck
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    Hi Chuck,

    Welcome to the forum. Jump right in and ask questions. Glad to have you aboard.


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    Hey Chuck, I'm new here also. I have developed a deep interest in nymph fishing and that is the primary reason I am here. I have hopes of receiving suggestions from those far more experienced than myself in the pursuit of catching not only trout, but also any other fish that may find interest in the offerings. I believe you will love this site, for I speak of my own negative experience w/ other "fishing" forums. Take care and thanks for sharing w/ us.

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    What's up chuck...sorry I couldn't resist LOL
    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome. I'm new here also, but have lurked for a year prior to joining. This forum and the folks here are great- lot's of great info! I had the same reservations about fly fishing at first, thinking it was very difficult and required great skill. Don't get me wrong, when I am on the water and catch a trout I think quite highly of myself ; ) But the truth is, if you just get out there on the pond and cast, you will catch those bluegill and get pumped for the next level- maybe a bass or two. You can review the posts here and ask away, but there are also pretty good YouTube videos out there for casting. The best teacher is a person, so you may want to go to a fly shop and get a lesson or two, or simply explain that you are interested in a new fly rod, and you may get a few tips. What I can tell you for sure is to not rush your cast- the guy who showed me to cast would say a long "Neeeeeeeew" on the back cast, and "Yoooork" on the forward cast, and I still use this when I feel I am starting to rush. He taught me to use my arm as a lever, load up, and then relax it while keeping the rod low right after the cast. Read up a bit here and there and everywhere, but just get out there and don't worry too much about getting it all right at first, just have fun with it.

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    Thanks for all of the encouragement. I am very excited to be a member here. The subdivision I live in has 1 lake and 2 ponds, so I will get out soon enough and let you all know how it goes.
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