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Thread: Leader knots

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    he gave me one---it looked like an albright at casual glance---ill double check it and post if its different

    The knotless leaders are getting better---when they first came out, they were pretty weak for the diameter and the butt diameter was too small---i still tie my freshwater leaders and saltwater tarpon leaders.
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    I stick to Furled Leaders in The saltwater here, fishing for stripers and blues.

    I generally loop to loop the connection. In a furled leader you will have a shorb loop on both ends (A loop woven right into itself)

    I have found this pretty reliable. I am now experimenting with shorb looping a snap right into the tip of the leader and bypassing the tippet option. Or just popping on a duo snap at the tip end (probably not wise if the blues come in, or if you don't furl your own leaders) but I am hoping to improve castability of heavier flies on a 9 wt set up by doing this.

    The Furl taper is pretty nice and doesn't lose any strength because there are no knots at all as the taper goes down. The entire leader is one continuous piece of mono woven together. You also enjoy the benefit of no line memory, and A LOT of stretchability when the big 'uns hit, and a nice supple casting leader.

    The downside, especially with no tippet, like I am trying, is that one toothy bite cutting through any of the leader itself can cause the whole thing to unfurl. I am also trying to get a short fine steel leader onto the loop at the tip somehow.

    I will be carrying extras on my next trip out and going back to using tippet if my experiments don't work, but I am convinced the Furled leaders are the best way to go.

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