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  1. Default Wader back support belts?

    I'll probably be getting one of these belts but can't decide which one. The Simms and Cabelas models appear to be wider than the Fishpond but don't have the D loops. Comfort and support are most important.

    What is everyone here using?
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    Default Re: Wader back support belts?

    I use the Simms Backmagic belt. It's great, I would recommend it if you're looking for comfort.
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    Default Re: Wader back support belts?

    If your back hurts from fishing there is usually a root cause... casting humped over (which I see many people doing) and/or weak muscles are the usual causes.
    I had an era when fishing was very painful on my back. I tried a wading belt and ended up with a pinched nerve that a doctor said they usually see on folks with nice beer-belly's or on preggy woman who wear their belts or pants too tight at the waste.
    Anyhow, stretching and crunches along with proper posture now leave me pain free after days of fishing. The doctor who helped me also said that back supports may actually weaken the muscles you need to strengthen the most!
    The abs help support the back muscles. Work on those and you might save some pain and money!

  4. Default Re: Wader back support belts?

    I use Simms and it is great. Super comfortable and worth the price. I tried the Fishpond belt that my buddy had, didn't really like all the jazz on the belt.
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