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    Hey everybody,

    This spring I was helping my grandfather clean out his garage and I came across a fishing pole. At the time I thought it was just really old pole, I ask my grandfather about it and he introduced me to fly fishing. It turns out he had a real passion for fly fishing when he was my age and now he is giving his stuff to me. My grandfather is limited to his mobility so he can’t teach me how to fly fish. He gave me some tips and now I am on my own.

    I practice at the lake on the weekends and in my back yard on weekdays. My problem is I don’t know much and I want to know a whole lot more.

    Now on casting I read in a different thread that people can cast there whole line out, is this true, because I can only get about 20 yards out. Is there a special technique?

    Also, my grandfather gave me a bunch of flies. He said they were size 12 and they were for pan fish. To tell you the truth, I've grown up on Lake Wawasee, and I have never heard of a pan fish. (Please explain) Also, what size of a hook would be good for bass? (Small or large)

    Thank you very much for your time,
    Dan Miller
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    Dan while there are a few of us who can cast the whole line, if you're really already casting 20 yards, you've got more innate talent than most of us. 20 yards is 60 feet, and that is 2/3 of the whole line. Any cast of more than 60 feet generally means that the caster oficially knows what they are doing.

    On the special techniques for casting longer, the one closest to a magic trick is the ability to shoot line. "Shooting line" means letting the weight of the cast part of the line pull line out line that is laying nest to you and off the reel. Generally when somebody is making a cast over 80 feet, they will only be carrying 50-70 feet of line in the air and then shoot line for the rest of the distance. "Hauling" is also very helpful in achieving great distance, but that's a much more complicated explanation.

    "Pan Fish" is kind of a general term used to describe Sunfish (Bluegill and their cousins), Crappie, and whatever other fish that don't usually grow bigger than a frying pan, hence the PAN fish title. Those size 12 flies are about perfect for sunfish and such, but will also work to catch bass, though not ideal. A fly around size 6 would be more typical for bass.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Sounds like you are a natural at casting. You should have a lot of fun at fly fishing.
    We might be able to help you more if we have a little basic information on your equipment.
    - the pole.. do you know what it is made of? Does it have any markings on it that say who made it, how long it is and what size line it uses?
    - the fly line.. is it the same one your grandfather used when he was your age or is it newer?
    - the reel.. does it have a name on it?

    blue gill and redear are fun to catch on a fly as are bass.
    If you can cast 20 yards you should be able to catch any of these in lake wawasee.

    If you keep asking questions, the folks on this forum can help you.

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    Hi Dan,

    Welcome aboard ... If you need help with the basics of the cast, go to my site and download "Excerpts." It's free. If you are already casting 60-feet, refining the cast and mastering several special casting techniques is all you need to move to the top of the class.

    When you encounter a problem, simply call for help.


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    Hello Dan:

    Welcome to the forum. We've got a lot of knowledgeable fly casters on this forum. Doug Macnair had been teaching the art of casting for many years. Go ahead and download his "Excerpts". They're very informative and helpful.

    If you can cast 60 feet you're doing great at this stage. You'll be fine.

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    Than you all very much for helping me out it is greatly appreciated!

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