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Thread: Drove Mad

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    Them trout are going to drive me insane, 7 hr casting with trout to the left and trout to the right and came home with NOTHING. Trout in the 3 to 4 lb range coming out of the water 20ft in front of me and I cant get one. I had 5 sink the dry fly ,but no hook up, I think there just hitting with tails or trying to drive it away, I knows one thing there driving, ME NUTS. I lov it. This is prespawning time here, thats why, hard to catch.

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    Oh young Jedi... Now feel the force of the addiction...

    Even when you think you got it figured out, you get the round of fishing day's like that and of course you have to go back.... as the addiction grows stronger.... What is worse is when you fish with a partner and some days' you got it and some day's they got it.

    I don't golf but I got to believe this sport is far more addictive than golfing. With Golf it is you and the Ball and your gear. With fly fishing it is you the fish, your gear and the multitude of fly's you can use. Then you start doubles and top-water and.... and... and... you can't get enough...

    Good luck next time

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    Default Re: Drove Mad

    Isn't it wonderful how an animal with the brain the size of gumball can get under your skin? It won't be the last time you have a bunch of silly fish irritate you.

    If the fish make you pissy, make the fish pissy. Go downstream, cast upstream, and make them chase the streamer. I have found prespawn browns will attack anything that moves. When you get the hookup, savor it.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your outing.


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    Default Re: Drove Mad

    I don't know what's worse.... getting skunked like that or seeing a beast that your trying to hook up and every cast you make gets hit by something no bigger than your knuckle.
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