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Thread: Robbed :(

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    So sorry to hear of this.
    Being robbed truly leaves you feeling violated, been there done that.

    I hate thieves!

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    Ouch!!! Let this be a lesson for all, especially me. I had my sage, pack, waders, reel, and boots in the back seat of my truck for about 2 weeks and every night I had the thought "one of these nights, someone is gonna ruin your life" so eventually I just pulled it all in. Thanks for the heads up and sounds like you are on your way to getting back on track.
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    Sorry to hear about your gear. I would keep and eye out on ebay/craigslist and let some of the other members know to do the same. Who knows, they might be dumb enough to try to sell it in the near future.

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    Thanks for the kinds words, everyone! On a lighter note, my 16 year old son just called from Yellowstone where he's on vacation with his Mom after he got my email. He must have ESP, because he bought me some flies today! How cool is that? He's moving here to live with me in 3 weeks and it's gonna be great. Fantastic kid and he's beginning to love fly fishing. If he'd just get better grades, I couldn't ask for more


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    Quote Originally Posted by philthy View Post
    . . . Pulling fingernails out with a pair of pliers would be a nice place to start.
    At least it sounds like they didn't steal your fishing pliers as well!

    Seriously, Phil, sorry about your loss. Was it up at San Juan?

    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Hi Neil,

    No, it was here in Albucracky....right outside my apartment. The TXL never made the trip to the San Juan since I didn't think it had enough backbone. I mainly used it in the Jemez for smaller streams/fish. Yea, the fishing pliers were lost as well, but I have vise grips, electrical lineman pliers, etc. 13 days until I move to a nicer place and it's gonna be nice to have good storage for everything - including the boat! As soon as I find my razorblade scraper, all the fishing decals are coming off the truck.

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    Sucks man. I moved to Socal for school and had my fly rod and gear riding around the back of my truck under a locked shell for over a month and nothing hapened to it. It's only a matter of time before it ends up missing. I realize I probably shouldn't do that anymore.

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    I'm sorry for your losses but there might be a smidgen of hope.
    FAOL has a section of their board just to help recover stolen goods from the low-life crack-heads who know nothing more than being miserable and making other peoples lives miserable.
    It might be worth a shot and might have the nation keep an eye out for your stuff.

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    Sorry for your loss and it's a big one at that. I just hope your car insurance covers everything( minus deductible of course). I try hard not to leave equipment out in plain sight and if I leave the tubes, I show them empty with a limp sock nearby. Your lucky they didn't take the bamboo, real lucky.

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    The bad thing is realizing it could be someone you know, or that knows you.
    We had a Van with DARK Tinted windows and a couple of years ago, someone broke one of the small windows on the side and stole my precious (the rod that landed all my big fish) along with an English Battenkill LA and a spare spool, plus a sweatshirt. This was in our back yard, so I can't help but think it was someone that new me.
    And of course I made it easier by using those rod tubes that hold rod and reel with enough space for that spool, so rod in one hand , sweatshirt in other, how easy was that! DANG-IT! Insurance came through however and it is now the Zero and Vosseler....oh yeah, and a car alarm!

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