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    Default OK, What Do I Win???

    This has absolutely got to be the smallest fish ever caught on a # 12 fly!!!!!! And yes, I foul-hooked it in the back somehow.

    I think it's a Stickleback, but not having ever seen one before, I can't say.

    On another note, I tried this new red fly this afternoon and the 6-8" Sea Run Browns were going nuts after it. I can't wait 'till the big 'uns start to move and see how they like it!!!

    Beautiful colours on these fish. Unfortunately, I know myself too well to carry my good camera anywhere it can be dropped on 2 ft of brackish water, so until I get a chest harness for it, I'm only using the wife's crappy little point & shoot, which takes great pictures from 4 ft +, but anything closer than 2 ft is useless.


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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    Wow...that is the most impressive catch I have ever seen, really. How you did that is beyond me but I bet it will never happen again

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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    Yup that looks like a stickleback--- how far did he take you into your backing?

    And those are very nice sea runs!

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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    When are you getting that bad boy back from being mounted? It would be quite the conversation piece.
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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    Hi Jamie,

    Nothing wrong with your pictures, I like them. Thanks for your report.


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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    Now of course some of us rednecks might actually toss that little one back with hook attached in an effort to catch another bigger fish...

    Nice Pic's...

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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    That's what I meant the other day about getting some big feather wings in that water.

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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    Foul hooked him so the world record and $1,000,000,000,000,000 prize is forfeited.
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    Default Re: OK, What Do I Win???

    Hey Jamie, how about a close up pic of that fly? Oh, and congrats on the stickleback. Quite an elusive trophy, there.

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