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    I haven't purchased a new rod in a very long time, and am wondering...IS THERE SUCH A THING AS A TWO PIECE ROD ANY LONGER? Everything I see is at least 3 pieces. I fish old two piece rods and love em, and my wife wants to buy me a new rod for my upcoming b-day. I don't really want a 3-4 piece and could use some input from those who are "more up-to-date" on the new rods. Take care.

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    Hi Da Bear,

    There are several two piece rods out there but not many three piece. I wonder if you are talking about bamboo. There is even some one piece graphite fly rods. If you are talking graphite then the two piece rods are generally the lower cost rods. Today the four piece graphite rod is pretty standard.


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    With the technological and manufacturing advances of the past decade or so, I would say the only advantage a 2 piece has over a 4 piece is less sections to put together. They also tend to be a bit cheaper. Most people nowadays can't tell the difference in "feel" between a good 4 piece and a 2 piece. And they are easier to pack.

    I have both and prefer 4pc. Just my 2 cents!

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    Sage offers their rods in 2 piece and 4 piece. Finding a shop that stocks
    a 2-pc rod may be difficult, since most people seem to want 4-pc rods now.
    You could ask the local fly shop to get you a 2-pc rod, or just go mailorder.


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    I use a hobbs creek 2 piece 4 weight from Bass Pro Shops. Great little rod for brooks, ponds, and rivers.

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